Brown about to take over

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Marc_St_Hilaire, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Well. Listening to the news at 1 oclock, Brown is getting ready to "assume command". Now I'm no fan of the bloke but he can't be worse than B-liar can he? God help us if he is!
  2. Don't ever, EVER say THAT!!!
  3. I dont like Brown but he must be a brave man taking over a job that has been totally fcuked up by bLIAR. Just as he is about to take over he finds out bLIAR was going to sack him before the last election, he must be wondering if Tony's hidden kippers and prawns around 10 Downing Street ( Wouldnt tell theres normally a stench coming from there).

    The only way Brown could do a good job and improve on this mess if he had a spare 50 million tooked away discretely to implement his plans :?
    pity he didnt know the Chancellor :twisted:
  4. More Stealth Taxes, More Rights for everyone except for Real Brits, watch your money disappear into the treasury....he doesnt give a sh1t.....more red tape for businesses........he fcuked pensions, he's gonna fcuk up Big Style.......... you didnt vote for him............welcome comrade
  5. My bold: at least the smell of rotting seafood would be an improvement over the stench of corruption that emanated under the last occupant. I'm no fan of the man, but Brown isn't Blair and in my book that's automatically an improvement.

    Given the way he's been slashing expenditure in the last few years, I've no doubt he's got a few quid stuffed into the mattress to bride us with once he moves next-door.
  6. Too fcuking right - back door socialism. Get ready to pay more tax than you thought possible.
  7. Guys Big Gord has been shafting us since he became chancellor. What are the chances that he will change now he is PM. He will just shaft us with a lot more power now.
  8. I think you will find that he will not move next door as he already lives there.
  9. About the same arn't they. Both traitorous habitual liars who want to ruin the UK.
  10. We'll find out as the socialists are now in power.
  11. Dont worry a months wage when Brown gets in wont be worth that much after the tax comes off.
  12. I think that six months down the line it will be same sh!t, different dictator.
    His wife's arrse will have expanded more becoming to a barrage balloon, his waistline will resemble the girth of a small indian elephant and most of all we will have a permanent smile on our faces from being screwed.

    I'm a born pessimist, who just graduated to a higher plane :twisted:

  13. Gordon and Tony balanced one another out a bit. Tony stopped Gordon giving our entire GDP to Oxfam while Gordon stopped Tony renting Westminster Abbey to crown himself Emperor.

    Now Tony's gone, the brakes will be off. Ancient Mariner's Almanac predicts the following:-

    1 Capital gains tax on the sale of your home
    2 VAT & CGT on the sale of a second home
    3 Large increases in National Insurance
    4 Council tax through the roof as central funding dries up
    5 Rising inflation as Gordon throws cash at his worthy causes
    6 Rising unemployment as benefits outstrip wages
    7 Collapse of the NHS
    8 Within 2 years, Gordo's printing money out of thin air to pay his bills.
    9 1970s style economic meltdown.
    10 Paparazzi pics of Harriet Harman on the beach reveal '666' birthmark
    11 Four strange looking horsemen start appearing in various places.
    12 Hostile, carnivorous aliens invade earth & join the Labour party
    13 Hell fills up with Labour party members - the dead walk the earth
    14 Armageddon - end of the world begins in Sedgefield
  14. Surely most of thats happened already A_M
  15. He works a bit too hard on the image thing. Square jaw, earnest pose, considered answers, Mr Prudence himself. Give him six months, and there's every chance he'll outdo Bliar in the bullsh*t stakes. He's Labour's last great hope, so there's even less chance of any mutineers seizing the ship before the next election. He's a control junkie who will attempt to stamp his mark pretty quickly, so stand by for an early display of Eye Catching Initiatives and general zealous idiocy.

    I'm surprised no-ones trying to cash in with a re-release of 'Gordon Is A Moron'. Give it time, and someone will. I bet he doesn't reach the next election without getting sick of the sound of it.