Brought Home Two Mosins...

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by AubreyGerrard, Apr 10, 2011.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I like that, nice blog!
  2. I just fired one of these at the weekend in Kiev. Stiff bolt whose action can't but help knock you off your natural firing position causing you to re-adujust after every shot, kick like an elephant gun too. Good fun though. Hell of a round on them, getting ammo a problem?

    Saying that. I'd rather have the two Birds on the web site than those guns.
  3. I know they aren't the most beautiful rifles on the planet, but these blunderbusses are plentiful here and about $100 a copy.
    Regarding ammo...Ivan is kind enough to manufacture and ship tons of this Mosin food to us, so it is no problem finding it for purchase. I picked up a SPAM ;) can of it (440 rounds) for about $125.


    Good times!
  4. 7.62X54R is still in use for the PKM machinegun. Ammo here in the USA is cheap by the crate or spam can.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It wouldnt surprise me if that calibre is still being produced in the State arsenals.
  6. This is the ammo I bought:

    7.62x54R (Rimmed), Romanian Light Ball, 149 Grain Steel Core Full Metal Jacket Bullet, 440 Round Tin.

    Romanian military 7.62x54R ammunition, 149 grain, BT FMJ, Silver-tipped bullet produced from the 1970s to 1980s. Lead and steel core, steel cased, Berdan primed, and steel tip packed in a sealed 440 round spam can with 20 round sub packs, ideal for long term storage. This excellent ammo performs well in both old and new model firearms and is corrosive; clean your gun after using.

    I understand the Dragunov sniper rifle uses this stuff also. Maybe I need to get one of those too!
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  7. Click the thumbnail a couple of times for the desired, jaw-dropping effect!


    The restification of the 1941 round receiver Izhevsk Arsenal numbers matching Mosin is complete. It's not perfect, but what 70-year-old rifle is? It turned out OK in my opinion. I think it looks rather Mauser-ish. I don't like the original Commie, reddish/orange stain, so I went with a dark walnut color.

    My oldest son seems to REALLY like the rifle. He works the bolt with a gleam in his eyes and a grin on his face, and he can't wait for some range time.

    I'm now working on the other rifle...a 1928 hex-receiver Tula Arsenal, also numbers matching. From the looks of it, it will turn out better than the first rifle.

    I'm thinking I need to get one for myself soon.