Brothers joining up

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by CAB84, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    My brother is just about to go to Winchester to begin his bt as a lineman in 2weeks time. I've been reading some not too pleasant stuff on here about linesman and was looking for some additional info..i.e, whats my bro letting himself in for? Are all lineman braindead?? (My bro is pretty smart!) and if he is making a mistake should he go elsewhere etc etc? Also, what kinda postings is he likely to get?

    Any info would be much appreciated :)

    A worried big sister x
  2. Don't worry love. First leave, he'll amaze everyone in the local by drinking a pint of p*ss from the fire bucket, before singing a couple of rude songs before bursting into tears on the shoulder of his bezzer.
  3. I don't want to be the one to break it to you but if your brother was selected to be a liney he probably was not the highest scoring fella on the intake tests; not that all lineys are thick I must add as we seem to be going through a 'love-one-another' phase at the moment.

    The Guru's comments above might well be true. One more serious bit of advice: don't be tempted to kiss those newly formed freckles he's developed while in BT.
  4. He doesnt have a higher Maths so was excluded from majority of trades but was scoring 90%+ in his tests during the practise. However, when he went to sit his test the first time he did it he was incredibly nervous and froze up and the 2nd time I'm not sure what happened but he still didnt do very well.

    The thing is, my brother has good qualifications from school and i feel as if he has just settled for a less 'intelligent' trade. I am trying to tell him that he is possibly wasting his time joining as a linesman but its either that or the infantry so i guess i should go with the former.

    Your comments on urine are very mature ;)
  5. Your <ahem> "brother" has to make his own choices in life, some of the best animals I know are lineys !
  6. When quoting only use single quotation marks (') unless you are quoting a quote within a quote. Pretty simple.
    *sigh* and it IS my brother that I am refering to and mot myself. Do I sound like the type of girl who would join up to wear Khaki?? pah.
  7. OOOOOOOh.
  8. """"""""""""""""""""When quoting only use single quotation marks (') unless you are quoting a quote within a quote. Pretty simple.""""""""""""""""""""""

    I think I may have used 1 too many quotes there!!!!
  9. I take umbrage at that whats that supposed to mean?
  10. yip :)

    anyways stop being w*nks. Should I tell him to quit and do something else before its too late or what? Is it really that bad? Where's he likely to get posted?
  11. ...that I wouldn't want to join the army.
  13. Look on the bright side, he will learn to drink anything short of Quicksilver, sleep on any kind of surface and get a drivers licence to boot
  14. Why? no one is that fat.
  15. Is that another Wah Rowums?