Brothers in Arms - Sky 1 (17/8)

Have just registered here due to this programme..

Basically ~ thanks.

I came across it (the programme) by accident this evening and had to watch it all the way through, none of this 'oh I'll record and watch later'.

The question we all hear or indeed ask ourselves at some point ~ was it worth it.... (I served in the Falklands '82 and follow up tours etc).
There never is a definitive answer you know that but you will form your own.

...... however, what I do know is that my father-in-law had to escape from Iraq with his immediate family from Saddam's 'Republic of Fear'.
Year's later I telephone him on satellite phone from the main street of Kerbalah in May 1993 in front of the mosque where his family are buried and the guy is in tears of joy (the first Shia muslim pilgrimage is allowed after about 20 years of Saddam preventing them).

I've seen what you guys (ladies inc!) have had to go through as after leaving the mob I now work in TV news (so no I wasn't a muslim on pilgrimage in Kerbalah but had carried on up through Iraq from Basrah and Al Amarah after dis-embedding to continue with news coverage from other regions of Iraq) and since '90 have found myself in many of the 'theatres' including living with 5 Brigade in 2003.

So, yes, thanks for your very hard work.
Enjoy the beer and see you in Helmand.
The scene with the mother and her child looking back at her put a lump in my throat, had to stop watching for a few minutes.

An excellent peice of work overall.
Whatever the political and military arguments I think that this was a really well executed production that will hopefully make the anti war tw*ts and crusties on civvy street have a more appreciation for the lads serving overseas and how it affects their families. It would also be nice if that appreciation got through to the politicians but I doubt it. The young lad with one leg clearly demonstrates that.

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