Brothels I have known

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by eodmatt, Jul 25, 2010.

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  1. So yesterday our project Dr. invited me out for a beer or six. We were joined by one of the engineers and the safety manager. I had no idea where they were taking me and all they would say was "Chiquitas" and "be careful". After a daring dash by local taxi (it was like four people squeezed into a shoe box on wheels) that reeked of LPG from the gas bottle in the boot which fuelled the ramshackle vehicle, we turned of the "road" and careered down a rough track to a place with high walls and a set of large gates. Someone paid for us all to get in and we found ourselves in a large walled courtyard with seats here and there. The courtyard had, from my cursory glances inside them, some quite nice rooms all backing on to the high wall. The rooms had heart shaped beds, a toilet and shower, dressing tables, comfy chairs, mirrored ceilings and plush carpets. And girls. None of whom looked to be much older than around 30 and most appeared to be in their mid 20's. Most of the girls were wearing horny exotic see through stuff, but not much of it. There was a bar situated so that drinkers could watch the comings(!) and goings of the girls and their customers through large windows. Beer was about 2 quid a litre. Some of the girls left their room doors open so you could get glimpses of hairy arses rising and falling and the odd flash of tit and fanny. It was all quite fascinating. After a few beers the engineer went and availed himself of a rather nice bird with big tits. And it should be said that big tits are very fashionable here. Whilst he was gone one of the girls came in and started helping out at the bar. My host the Dr. asked her if all was well. Turns out that she had just come on the blob and so, in the absence of any blob perverts being present that evening, she decided to do a bit of bar work. All of the girls were pleasant enough and even joined in a bit of banter with the punters from time to time. A slightly odd flavour to the evening was added by the presence of an old chap and his elderly wife, they must have been in their late 60's early 70's, who wandered in, she carrying two bags of shopping. She plonked herself down on one of the benches, whilst he disappeared into a room with one of the girls. I had a chat with the bird who was blobbing and who told me that the standard charge for a shag was 50 Sols - about 14 quid. A bj was 20 Sols. The Dr. confirmed that the girls had monthly medicals and HIV tests. All in all an extremely pleasant evening was had. Especially by the engineer as he was the one of us that had a happy ending.

    What was your best / worst / most interesting brothel evening?
  2. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Sennelager, Ex Lionheart 1984.

    Night off so we pile into a taxi and go on the rampage in Paderborn.

    After much booze, schnellys etc it is suggested that we find the 'Red Light' district.
    No fucker knows where it is so in desperation we find a tame taxi driver and explain our interest in Grotland, Paderborn.

    "Ach Ja", says the taxi driver with a knowing look, "I know vot you lads vont unt I vill take you zere" which we thought was a bit odd because we thought he was Irish.

    After about 30 minutes we are deposited outside the gates of the camp where we are staying and informed that the 'naughty house' is directly opposite.

    Interesting night.

    Thankyou Renate.
  3. Matt.A piccie is worth a thousand words.
  4. Den Helder, just outside the dockyard.
    Three of us decided to close a whore down to Zulu-Alpha (totally gastight).
    When I'd "finished" she still had my mate in her mouth. I could not fecking resist.... I gave her the biggest almighty slap on her arse, so much so that I had pins & needles in my hand for about 5 minutes and leaving a mahoosive first white, then red handprint on her ass.
    She chomped down hard and then her and my mate who was still in her mouth briefly entered a "who can make the most noise / display of agony" contest.
    A bloke appeared and much shouting / pointing ensued with two of us barely concealing our laughter. I don't know how we did it but we managed to get out of there without being filled in! I nicked her fags off the table as well on my way out.
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  5. A certain rose garden in Belize may have taken my custom.
  6. A place in Seville called 'Colours'. A matey and me were over for the Celtic v Porto game. There was a BOGOF deal and a friend of mine decided to avail of the services of an Eastern European pair of sisters. I always thought he liked the cheeky girls and Tatu a bit too much. Being an old geezer I decided on one. After an evening discussing Medieaval Literature and the worthiness of Etruscan pottery with the ladies we paid our dues and my lady performed amply. My friend went very queezy as the lady who had been rimming him all night planted a big kiss on his gob. I nearly broke a rib laughing at that. Highly recommended.
  7. I was once thrown out of "Mon Cherie's" in Berlin.
    I had jumped into the bath on the stage and nearly broke one of the whore's legs when I landed on top of her.
  8. Winstons in Leeds - While I was in Harrogate AFC, the fact we were 16/17 did'nt faze those ladies. It was cheap if I remeber...........
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  9. Makes me proud to be British! Sir I owe you a beer
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  10. Limassol, in 1961. I think it was called Heroes Square, a tree lined square with 'cabarets' on each corner. I took some photographs of some of the girls and subsequently supplied them prints (I fancied myself in the Cartier-Bresson style) which they were very enthusiastic about. I did the business with several of them (sometimes paid, but frequently freebies) until I did the stupid thing that young idiots do, and fell in love with Alasia! She was around 40 ish and not particularly good looking, but to me, a somewhat inexperienced young would-be stud, she was heaven sent! It lasted about six months, and she always pimped some of her friends for our three ways from time to time. I continued to supply quite a lot of photographs. I can only say that every lad of that age should experience what I did, I was an expert in no time at all!

    Fast forward, I returned to Cyprus for a second tour some years later, by which time I was married and we had the first sprog. One day in Limassol the other half and I, with sprog in push chair, cut through the square and who was sitting under one of the trees? Yep.

    I gave the other half a quick brief as to the situation and introduced them. Believe it or not, we were there for three hours with both of them having a gabfest and Alasia clucking frequently over the sprog, and showing the other half some of the photographs which she had had framed and hung around her house.

    My other half reckoned it was her best party story ever!
  11. Bit dusty in here, etc, etc.
  12. Club 222 in Sao Paulo Brazil..........especially during F1 race weekend..............incomparable.
  13. The best ever was "The Jambo House Hotel" in Nanyuki, Kenya - full of Alexandra Burke lookalikes who for the equivalent of 4 quid would see one OK with giggy-gig.

    The worst was "The Rose Lady Pub" in Heroes Square, Limassol, Cyprus.

    This place comprised of hairy, smelly, Greek women, with sideburns trying to dip your pocket - "are you RAF?"
  14. Isn't that the place that Dee Dee worked? The Rose I mean. She was amusing, those who experienced her particular brand of dancing will no doubt agree.

    (And by dancing I mean actual dancing, not hide the sausage, although I'm sure there's someone who had...'The pleasure' on here)

    Edited to add.......No, she was in Nicosia, bloody senility is rampant these days.
  15. Yep; mine too. It was BS$51 for a jump if I remember. The girls charged the extra dollar for the condom, which was a bit of a con really since I was later told that the medical centre gave them to the brothel for free.

    Still; it's a classy place!