Brothels glad Italy in World Cup final

Brothels glad Italy in World Cup final

Prostitutes in Berlin say they are glad Italy knocked Germany out of the world cup because Italian fans make the best punters.

Haki Simsek, the owner of Artemis - Germany's largest brothel - said: "I know I shouldn't be happy Germany lost, but it's the best result imaginable for business."

So far the World Cup has failed to bring in the business for the world's oldest profession despite high expectations.

Artemis worker Svetlana from Omsk said: "It's been a total flop. The fans are all celebrating with beer instead of sex."

But according to Marlene, 29, from Poland, the Italian fans have saved the day. "After a win they are in a great mood and love celebrating with us and after a bad game they need comforting."

Owner Simsek added: "The Italians love coming here, they are great customers and we are all so happy they are in the final."

The Italians love coming here,

Lol..........The last quote says it all really. :wink:
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