Broons MI5 Community Support Officers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by maninblack, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Does anyone know anybody who has been on Broon's now famous anti terrorist training scheme?

    Shop staff? security guards?

    Nice to know they are choosing the minimum wage gang who are so well motivated to be dilligent.

    Do you think they also chose the baggage handlers at Luton airport?
  2. Pathetic. A three hour course which, as one of the Shadow Cabinate pointed out, is less than half the basic cycling proficiency test.

    Every time I think I can't possibly dispise ZANU-Labour anymore than I do already, they somehow prove me wrong... :x
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Now, if the training was more oriented to watching people and informing on them to the state aparatus, you might find it's JUST the right length for such a course.

    I mean, how much training does one need to denounce their neighbours, friends and family?
  4. Does this mean if i dont like some one or a neighbour, the community support stazi will be around to water board them
  5. There was a "shopping centre manager" on the news last night.
    He had been told to watch out for people acting suspiciously.And he had been told what to do if there was a chemical attack.
    There you are then.Everyone feels safer now don't they?
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Only if you are enrolled in the state spying aparatus - ie: if you are a police officer, traffic warden, lollipop lady, doorman, teacher, doctor, nurse, social worker, politician, vet, fireman, DSS employee, CSA pig, PSCO, swimming pool attendant, bag lady, yoof worker, insurance company rep, vehicle clampist, street sweeper, council worker, local council leader, graffiti artist, CND activist . . . . .

    This sort of training and service isn't just open to all and sundry you know. You have to have an important and sensetive role in society before you can be considered. It's very much like the insides of our homes, our private lives and our personal data - it's not there for every cnut and his dog to look at you know!
  7. Do they call each other comrade?

    Is this another type of Bourgeois nationalism keep all classes separate from each other, but declare there is no class system?

    Community support officers, anti terrorist watch,government watching social networking sites being monitored,the apparent looking after of the bosses of company's but sod the workers.

    Will the next government be elected or appointed by a politico bureau?

    Tin foil hat anyone?
  8. Don't forget the 'outreach workers' Oh God I've just said that... I'm just off to bang my head against the nearest brick wall
  9. Just more SPIN,I'm afraid.A quite useless programme.
  10. new wave of secret agent walts are coming! :D

    "well you know,i was selected to undergo special training by MI5,its a tough job, but i feel assured im helping my country. Wait normal people dont fold their fivers like this?! you terrorist"
  11. Does this mean that terrorists who have their cycling proficiency badge will be more qualified than our community support officers?
  12. Hard to see how they could be LESS qualified! 8O :twisted:
  13. Not in my farce, or CHIMPS have got their badge so they can ride about on their nice Specialized Mountain Bikes. They're the flying squad of PSCO's
  14. What is most worrying is that as these people have been trained and given a responsibilty by the State, that as State representatives, upon the introduction of the National ID Card these people will be able to stop you and ask for you to prove your Identity.
  15. So will these people be calling MI5 if I buy household cleaning chemicals A & B as they could make mustard gas?