Broons First Cabinet

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DozyBint, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Well on the plus side Beckett has been sent off in her caravan!

    I'm not sure about Darling being Chancellor - I can't see he'll be anything but Broon's puppet. Jack Straw will continue to be the grey man, but the one I'm most interested in is David Miliband. I was amazed that people seemed shocked that he refused to stand against Broon in the leadership contest, but he's definitely playing the long game: Foreign Secretary, till Broon loses the next election, then he'll come forward (reluctantly, coz he's such a self-effacing chap :roll: ) to be the new Messiah, erm, I mean Labour leader...
  2. Darling - don't get it at all. He will be doing Broon's bidding.
  3. Latest rumour:

    If this is true (and I understand the political expediency of the decision from Broon's perspective) then I think it’s a good thing. Drawing expertise (where it exists) from other parties focuses minds on issues rather than on party doctrine.
  4. Apparently Broon has asked broon with an 'e' to remain in situ at MoD.
  5. Probably no-one else would take it. Don't want sh!t all over their CV from the disaster of the last few postholders.
  6. He might also need to draw support from other parties if there's a hung parliament after the next election.

    If he's serious about having a 'government of all the talents' he should draw in people from outside politics or even from outside the UK.
  7. I haven't had the telephone call yet....

  8. Nice to know where we lie on his list of priorities; Defence not important enough for a Broonite "inner circle"apparatchik, so we'll have that fcuking chimp Broone in Whitehall instead to absorb the flak, a cretin who can be ignored and over-ridden by the PM in much the same way as that Cnut Hoon.
  9. Are we looming closer to a one party state? or am i just a is it tin foil hat fan? 8O

    edited to add....................

    that shows the truth in broons real concerns with HMF, he will be happy to see it reduced too an cheap PFI deal outsourced to however puts in the lowest bid.
  10. I think you're right about Miliband, Dozy; he was too young this time round, IMO, and he's playing a long game.

  11. Which is why I wrote:


    The US system, which is pretty much what you've described, has some positives as it means that those forming policy have some experience of their sectors, but there are times when allegiances / influences from their time in their industries are questioned (Halliburton).

    I've always been of the opinion that if ever the second chamber was reformed, it should be staffed by a "revolving door" of experts to properly scrutinise policy: representatives from the medical profession, the City, the IT world, the Armed Forces, transport sector, manufacturing etc.
  12. What post are you hoping for?

    I want Prescott's old job, as well as his old Jaguar, his old flat in Admiralty Arch, his old mansion at Dorneywood and a NEW secretary please. I hate to think where his old secretary has been.

    I feel well qualified for the post as I've been on several P&O ferries and I can talk exactly like Mr Prescott does (so long as I've had 10 pints beforehand).
  13. I suspect that this may be close to the truth of at least some of the thinking behind this move; how equitable Broon and Neue Arbeit will be to the voters come the next election.

    Broone has always been a Broonite apparatchik; he went to Defence from the treasury, so has just been a sleeper until now.
  14. He has also been given Scotland to lookafter which sends the wrong message all those working damn hard across all three services. Clearly defence matters are now so high on new PM's agenda (not!) that the SoS for Def has now been given something else to look after.

    This is an insult to the services and in my view we are going from bad to worse!
  15. ...was sort of expecting one myself as well. He'll live to regret it.