Broons Book of British Military heroism

I see from the GBrown interview/advertorial in today's Telegraph that our leader is so obviously concerned to improve his image as a supporter of Britain & British Forces that 'Later this year the Prime Minister will publish a book with stories of British military heroism'

Maybe he would be better off using the time to rework & increase the military budget (& replace Browne) so that there are fewer heroes having to go out on patrol in snatch landrovers.
The man really is a cnut of the nth degree isn't he? The man responsible for bleeding our forces dry of finance, kit and manpower has the audacity to insinuate he has any respect for us?
'What good Broon has done for HMF' will probably be about as slim as Yasser Arafat's 'Book of Barmitzvah Toasts'.

From the interview he also looks as though he wants to jump on the Afghan VC bandwagon which makes my skin creep:

'He talks about the death of Capt David Hicks last month in Helmand. The 26-year-old officer was mortally wounded but refused treatment for his shrapnel injuries.

Mr Brown said: "That was an incredible story of courage. He refused morphine so he could carry on leading his men while they were under attack."

Later this year the Prime Minister will publish a book with stories of British military heroism.

Capt Hicks is now in line for a posthumous Victoria Cross. He would be the first officer to win one since Colonel "H" Jones in the Falklands.'
And where will the proceeds of this book go I wonder? I just look forward to the day when a heroic military firing squad gives him the good news.


Dear PM

Nice to see that your new job is not of a full time nature and enables you to have plenty of time for money making schemes for you and the family. Would it be correct to assume that any profits from your new book writing venture will be going to one of the forces charities.

Best wishes on your project.

I take it he'll be researching the heroism first hand? No? Who'd'a thunk it.
I hate father-1 even fcuking more than I did the last cnut, and that really is almost an impossiblity.

The idea of this book, just about is as far as any human can go to insult the families of those injured and killed on current ops, while insisting that we dont get any resoruces or equipment matched to the task.

Or is that the current plan to achieve 15% savings, underequip the forces so we lose 15% to little more than well motivated goat herders.
In a way the book publishing is almost admirable - for its sheer bl00dy nerve. To the tune of "Take my breath away". I normally conclude this type of thing doesn't surprise me but this one did 8O
msr said:
'What good Broon has done for HMF' will probably be about as slim as Yasser Arafat's 'Book of Barmitzvah Toasts'.


Or that other famous one ;Bobbie Sands lazy K cookbook
msr said:
'What good Broon has done for HMF' will probably be about as slim as Yasser Arafat's 'Book of Barmitzvah Toasts'.

Never, in the field of human history, have so few done so much with so little.

or something like that :roll:
'Military Bravery' by Gordon Brown subtitled 'Basking in reflected glory'

To be followed by sequel - 'Political Cowardice', subtitled 'Risking other people's lives through shortsighted budget cuts'.
Can't get the Telegraph page up - please tell me this is a very bad taste windup. Please.

How could he have the sheer brass neck? I'm not even angry I'm just stunned.
I have just submitted an e-petition to the 10 Downing Street site, stating that: We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to donate all proceeds from his forthcoming book on British military heroism to Forces charities

If it gets through the Number 10 screening process & goes live, I'll put up a link to the petition.


What about the Gordon Brown guide to good grooming and healthy eating? The David Milliband guide to Anglo American relations? George Bush's Seven Steps to a better Iraq.

No, Gordon's book will go to the same spot on my Christams List as other recent tomes from politically motivated revisionist authors, like Soldier by M Jackson. The bottom.


Book Reviewer
He won't actually write it. He'll get some spin doctor (Scottish republican no doubt) to steal a load of stories from proper books, plant them on his pages and try to take some royalties.

If it's not a WAH, it's a fcuking unpleasant, cynical, money-grabbing, spinning kick in the gonads to anyone who has ever served.

Can he sink lower than Bliar - if this story is true, he's going to take 'low' to a new level. Looks like Cameroon and Broon are in a battle to see who can be the sh!ttiest of scumbags ever to be in politics. I await to see who the 'winner' is.
The blurb on Amazon for his most recent publishing effort, Britain's Everyday Heroes' (bubbling under at No. 35,914 in the sales charts), leaves you with a real warm feeling (mainly in the trouser region as you wet yourself): 'This book is about people in all parts of Britain who have given me a fresh insight into the needs and aspirations of our country, what is great about it now and how it can become greater in the future. It is the story of Britain's everyday heroes: the kind of heroes who live next door, and in the next street, and throughout our neighbourhoods - the kind of heroes we might ourselves become.' - Gordon Brown. In Britain's Everyday Heroes, Gordon Brown tells the stories of ordinary people whose willing commitment to a cause or a community has informed and inspired him. The stories tell of a real Britain neither flawless nor broken down but caring, innovative, passionate and determined. He tells of the woman who has been the inspiration behind community reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the leader of a campaign tackling gang culture in Manchester. Of the innovator transforming the way we use the Internet as a tool of democracy and the campaigner who has established the World's first Fairtrade Town. Of councillors leading local regeneration efforts and public servants going far beyond the parameters of their job.

I particularly like the last bit - 'public servants going far beyond the parameters of their job', a nice bit of inspiring, NuLabour Birt-speak
It doesn't suprise me in the slightest.
I mean,this is the man who,to make himself look human and "in touch with his feelings" cried his eyes out during a cringe making interview on Sky news last year.
He'll do absolutely anything to win a general election,anythin!!
No surprise but the 10 Downing Street 'ePetitions team' has rejected the proposed petition for Broon to donate any book proceeds to Forces charities on the grounds that it is an 'issue for which an e-petition is not the appropriate channel'. I think we can safely assume that any proceeds will be going to the Broon family trust fund instead.

I am also sure that the book launch will be accompanied with lots of British flag flying & symbolic announcements on a new British gallantry award/purple heart, a national monument for VCs plus the launch of 'consulation' on a UK Veterans Day, but no real improvements in funding, housing, welfare etc.

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