Broon wants US to Repeal The Declaration of Independence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, May 4, 2008.

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  1. HERE

    Not content with ruining this country - Cyclops want to rule the US too!
  2. Apparently, CCN has reported severe flooding caused by millions of Americans p1ssing themselves laughing... :rofl:
  3. I wouldn't be surprised. Don't forget that around 2000, Tony Blair repealed the Act of Parliament which (notionally at least) abolished slavery on the grounds of obsolescence. Now Britain could reintroduce slavery, just so long as it did so using the pretext of respecting the rights of the religious to manifest their faith.... ;)
  4. When this muppet isn't destroying the UK at home, he's embarrassing it abroad.

    General Election, anyone?
  5. considering how well gulf war 2 has gone :roll:
    the concept of listening and realizing most of the world isn't america and may have a different point of view is valid
    brown still a cnut though
  6. I concur,it really is painful seeing this mandateless wretch out there in the international arena trying to convince the bigger boys to join his 6th form socialist club.I only hope that the legal challenge from Stuart Wheeler bears fruit so we can start putting the repugnent little commie in his place prior to an election.
  7. Personnaly I fear the damage the cnut WILL do before we get the oppurtunity to get rid of him.
    If he had any respect for the electorate he would go today, can it be any clearer that he is not wanted? He was not elected, he is guilty of treason with the Lisbon Treaty, he is simply not wanted.

    I would like to see taxation dropped immediately so people can actually live, the majority of the bullshit laws introduced in the last 10 years repealed and the Big Brother State reversed.
  8. I thought this was a 'wind-up' and even momentarily imagined it might be April Fool's Day. No, this is a genuine article by a respected commentator.

    I think this is absolute proof that Brown is not only 'psychologically flawed' but certifiably insane.

    Luckily for Great Britain there are very few people in the the American administration who know, or care, who he is, and, amongst the great American population, he is as anonymous as me!

    He must be got rid of. The current bad financial is largely of his making (see many of my previous posts) and he MUST be held to account.

    Bliar was bad but this man is awful (see also many of my previous posts).
  9. My, but they're a touchy bunch, aren't they? If telling other countries how to organise their internal affairs and that they should be subordinate to an external power is such a bad thing, how do they account for the last 60-odd years of US history?
  10. They are the children of the globe. As has been said before, the fireplace in my pub is older than their country!

    They´ll calm down soon enough, when it´s bed time. Then the grown ups can talk. :D
  11. Why not? After all, Americans didn't have referendum on the matter, did they?
  12. The man's an embarrassment and out of his depth. Reminiscent of the Grauniad trying to tell US voters who they should vote for a while ago (and being well abused by all sides for it).
  13. This halfwit is supposed to represent 'us',the British People,so with that in mind - they must think we're a bunch of cnuts for electing him,oh no hang on, we didn't did we!That other cnut wrapped and clueless took over.A strange idea of democracy we have,no wonder the septics giggle when they see our 'Leader'!
  14. The man in a weasel a political pygmy and now an international embarrassment. He was not voted in by the British people and has done everything he can think of to avoid making decisions. BTW how did we ever loose those 13 colonies as we won almost every battle?
  15. Maybe his back benchers huddle round, come up with the most ridiculous idea, suggest it to Brown and wait and see if he trys to implement it!

    "Gordon, we reckon when you're in the US you should try and win over their nation by suggesting this". (Gordon gleefully taking hold of ciggy packet with idea pencilled on back.... )