Broon-time to go.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by inbredyokel666, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. He was hated for 10 years as Chancelor, did he really think things would change in his favour when he became PM? I think if he were to make some brave, sweeping changes it would not improve his position.
  2. I'm getting to like him more as each day passes.

    History will look back on him fondly. He's doing a great deal of damage to the country and to his party which will have a long term benefit. He will be the man that killed the Labour party and the welfare state (in its present form).
  3. That's an interesting perspective... would you care to try putting a timeline on that?

  4. Time line, Litotes? - about 2 years for Labour and 3 for the welfare state.

    Labour - dead after an election in 2010. If the swing away from Labour in Henley and Glasgow East is repeated at the election they'll win less than 40 seats. The Lib Dems will be Her Majesty's opposition. Quite a few of the Labour MPs who survive will be tempted to cross over to the Lib Dems just to have the chance of having a minor "shadow" appointment and a political voice. Party donations - already at record lows will dry up completely and they won't be able to pay off their loans. Bankruptcy is a very likely scenario. And I don't see the Trades Unions throwing any more money at them as there will not be any return on the "investment".

    The Welfare State will have to be reformed on a massive scale because there will not be the cash to fund it in three years time (there isn't now - hence government debt being 40% of GDP despite the country's finances being in the black 10 years ago). Social Protection (as Labour likes to call it) costs £175 Bn a year (and rising rapidly) whilst revenue in a recession will reduce - income tax, corporation tax, VAT receipts, stamp duty, capital gains, inheritance tax will all produce less for the government.

    A conservative government with a 200 seat majority and a real prospect of two decades in power will be able to be quite radical - making "tough decisions for tough situations". The policy of paying children to have lots of children will have to stop. The bloated public sector (28% of the working population) will have to be slashed and even then there will still be the problem of paying their index linked un-funded pensions.

    It will not be a question of "how do we pay for all these liabilities?" but rather "there is no money - what liabilities are we no longer able honour?".
  5. If its liabilities then I know which group of Public Sector workers will be high up for getting shafted .... US!!
  6. So, rioting in the streets and calls to "bring in the Army"?

    That will be about the same time as the power cuts start because there isn't enough generation capacity, and then the petrol refineries have to shut down because there isn't enough power....

  7. Much as I would luv ta see Labour go what concerns me is the mess they will leave behind.
    40% debt, we we all know that is a sick joke, with Northern Rock and the PFI 50% would be a generous estimate.
    And yes they have failed to provide for new power generation, going to make the Three day week of my youth look like a national holiday.
    But even more so I have no faith in Dave, he is no Man of Stature, no natural born leader, one idiot following another.
    Nue Labour is even now planning to bring back Dear Leader, Tone himself, he who is whiter then white, how I still fume over the Politically influenced decision to let him off in return for just going.
  8. The key question is, will the country take less time to recover from the current government, than the Labour party will?

    That is, if Broon is in power for another 18 months, the country will be a lot poorer but we can probably earn our way out of that, with half-decent leadership. If Labour lack the guts to get rid of him for that period of time, they'll run out of support and money and we'll not see another Labour government for 20 years.

    On balance, I think that's something to look forward to, even if it does come at a price.

    I'd take the risk of an early election if someone could catch Balls and Milliband in a hotel room somewhere, doing unspeakable things to Hazel Blears. They might profit from a sympathy vote, but by God I'd like to see a story like that in the News of the World.
  9. Oooo please. But only if it involves tanking the room with plastic sheeting, lots of custard and really unspeakable things. But I digress.

    Our Glorious Leader, for it is he, has decided that in these difficult times there is only one thing that can be done: he is writing another book, this time on "Britishness". On a bookshelf near you February 2009.

    Glad he can find the time. Nothing else on, of course.
  10. His book on courage must have sold REALLY well, then.

    Presumably his next book will be on the 'Agony of Childbirth', to complete the trio of subjects he has no practical experience of. :roll:
  11. The only problem is hat we all know and hate the idea that, Gordo will not step down or call an election until 2010 as this has been his dream job.

    Even if liarbore party oust him and put another in his place its still going to be the same old shite. So we are going to have to wait until the election is called and for the electorate to show their contempt for the current goverment.

    The new goverment in 2010 are going to have a hard time putting right 10 years of mismangement of the country.

    The only thing is that we the voters know we do'nt wait Gordo or the liarbore party to run the country, it's time they relised it and open their eyes.

    If liarbore care about the country vote Gordo out and call an early election and get out now before further damaged is cuased to the UK economy.

  12. And there's your problem. Whilst there may be one or two Labour MPs on the backbenches who care about the Country, the vast majority - including ALL those in positions of authority in the Party - are in it for themselves, the money, the power and the self-aggrandisement. They will only vote Gordo out if they think it will extend their tenuous grip on power or guarantee they get back in later.
  13. Nice one! 'Sound Fiscal Management' could make it a quartet.

    Anyway, how do I get in on this Hazel Blears thing? I wouldn't mind doing one or two unspeakable things to her myself, provided she's rendered unspeakable to begin with - by 10 yards of masking tape round her permanent-send gob. Roll on the day when Brown and his sorry shower get their marching orders.
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I think we must leave Gordon Brown in place
    This way he will drag down the whole of Labour with him
    The 'proffesional' politicians like Milliband and Balls and their brother's and sisters and wifes will be fukced too and have to go and get a proper job and see how we feel

    Labour is fukced morally and politicaly and also bankrupt as well
    IIRC 90p in every £1 tat Labour receives is from unions
    The Unions (headed by good old labour men) now want there pound of flesh and when they don't get it Labour will be absolutely finished with not even enough money to fund an election never mind the millions needed to fight it
    Cameron will need to be harder than Thatcher to get the country back on it's feet but I think he may do it as stated he will have no credible opposition to hinder him

    The real losers are the Lib Dems if they can't even nick seats of Labour and the Conservatives in Scotland they are in real trouble