Broon plugs £80M Olympics hole with MOD job losses

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Topper_Logan, Aug 23, 2008.

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  1. So Broon is £80M diffy in his Olympic budget whta does he do

    1.Stop all the MP freeby expenses.

    2.Trade all the ministerial cars for greener ones

    3.Stop spending money on kit for the RAF and the Navy.

    4.Sell off the £1000 CHAIRS and fancy Paintings and other guff in :x main Building.

    5.Get rid of the lowest paid civil servants but keep the higher paid ones (adding to the unemployment figures)

    Anyone confirm or deny
  2. Any links? Where did you hear this?
  3. Haven't heard about the lowest paid MoD staff being paid off, that would be the E bands who do the admin work so i can't work out how they could do that?

    I do know that the government are struggling to pay off those who want to go, the cut down to 18,000 is meant to be done in the next 2-3 years, but they can't afford the pay offs and have had to rethink the whole thing, meaning they're going to pick and choose who goes based on how much they have to pay out, leaving a hell of a lot of people in the MoD who don't want to be there.
  4. Well he could save a bit more if he stopped giving away Ge-Ziillions of pounds of Taxpayers money to other countries.

    Overseas Aid is all well and good, but I beleive that Charity Begins at Home first. Otherwise all of us living in London and the Home Counties around London are going to hammered through our Council Taxes to pay for the massive overuns in the 2012 Olypics Budget.

    And, yes - there will be massive overruns. The final costings will probably be between 15 Billions and rising, maybe even 20 Billions of pounds, as against the original 2.5 Billions that was trumpeted so much by B'Liar, Broone and all thier Numpty Pals. 8O 8O
  5. Where do you start with the MOD pay bands - 75% of the MOD earn under 25K per year (by comparison the current pay rates for corporals start at 28k per year before specialist pay). You could cull the MOD considerably - but the work would still need to be done.

    It was interesting to note that at a recent major HQ recently there was uproar, because they realised that they'd lose all their E grade staff in a forthcoming move. For all the slagging off people do, its strange how quickly they start complainining once they realise they may have more work to do if their long held dream of firing CS comes off!
  6. Several of you suggestions don't sound even remotely plausible:

    No, parliament's number one priority is lining their own pockets.

    If you mean horrendously expensive hybrid cars that cause twice as much environmental damage as the conventional equivalent, then he may do it but it won't help the budget.

    If you mean small cars, then much too sensible.

    He's not spending any money on that now.

    Resale value is low.

    They are the only people in the MOD HQs who do anything useful (servicemen included).