Broon on GMTV this morning

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dave8307, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. The one-eyed Scottish idiot mentioned "electronic devices" a number of times during his interview this morning.

    My question is - does he mean IED's (I believe he does) or is there a new threat that only he knows about??

    If he does mean IED's whoever is briefing him needs to hit him with a hammer every time a new acronym comes along so that it remains in that thick skull of his.

    Be afraid, be very afraid......he STILL thinks he is in The One to lead us out of the mess he created.
  2. Whats just as scarey (or even more so) is I was speaking to a fella the other day who thinks Brown is the only one to get us out of the mess. I needless to say was staggered...but it is apparent that there are people out there who think that he is a good leader that is able to fix the country. That is worrying. How many of them are there?
  3. It's called care in the comunity
  4. Only one electronic device he needs to know about.

  5. A friend of mine from UK came to thois neck of the woods on holiday. He and his wife are Jockanese (me too :D ) and his wife told me that her mother (about 80) looks upon broon as that "poor wee man from Fife and everybody is just picking on him" :(

    So the worrying answer is - probably more than you think!
  6. Brown is the very definition of 'mong'.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    When you think of the number of people who still think the Labour Party are God's gift, and add to them the other groups who will vote to keep their 'entitlements' and 'rights' plus a host of other numbskulls, and of course allow for fiddled votes ("I'll do the postal voting for this family, thank you") then add them up, it's an awful lot of votes. Given also that a vote does not mean the same in each constituency - in Scotland, for example, constituencies are smaller than in the South - then you have a fair chance of Brown getting back in.

    Sick to think of, and it would be - again - without any sort of popular majority - but it could happen. Be afraid...........

  8. I for one expect a suitable 'terrorist threat of the highest order' to be conjured up to keep the sheep away from the polls in May.
  9. Brown is not the "Leader" Mandelscum is Cyclops is mearly his glove puppet
  10. Ahhh, the Sheep, Sheepdogs and Wolves model of state security. That's very American of you.

  11. I was back at my folks a few weekends ago. We rarely talk about politics but I started venting on how Brown was the worst thing to hit the UK since the plague and they were genuinely suprised that people didnt think he was doing a good job. Both good upstanding well educated well balanced people who thought that Brown was the economic messiah he claimed to be.

    Cue a 2-3 hour conversation they had not seen his youtube efforts and were blissfully unaware of many of his antics, misdeeds and characterics. Needless to say by the end of the conversation they were more or less convinced he was the anti-christ too. Job done. Well, they will at least vote Lib Dems instead....

    However there do seem to be numerous pockets of resistance who just havent seen the worst side of Brown and that might account for the 20+ points Labour still in denial. Roll on an illuminating Sky news leader debate. Hopefully will put Labour into 3rd place and shape British politics of the 21st century to be Conservatives versus Lib Dems. Labour is a 20th century party that tried to re-invent itself for the modern age but failed miserably.
  12. Sadly, there are people out there with dark ages attitudes- such as I was born Labour, will always vote Labour, and will die Labour. These are the fools that no nothing about politics but because their dads, grandads and great grandads were Labour, they seem to think they must matter what the party does or who the leader is.

    There will be people who labour are good for, such as people who have 20 kids and are on state benefits, and illegal immigrants who are allowed to join the police or work for the government agencies.

    I only hope that the Tories defeat Labour next summer, although David Cameron will believe its because hes the next messiah and not due to the fact that people will vote anyone but Labour.

    The country has been in dire straits since Gordon Brown took over, but even more worryingly is that the terrible Tony Blair left after ruining this country for the best part of ten years, believing he was some sort of God...****.
  13. The amount of people who don't read the papers or watch anything other than soaps are the real danger to this country as they are so apathetic
  14. Actually to continue the example my father is a highly qualified engineer, amongst the top of his field I believe, would never be caught dead watching soaps, or light entertainment or anything other than the news and newsnight really. Reads the hard copy of the guardian (ok some clues there obviously) every morning. However he has a genuine passion for his work and thus works far too hard to spend his time reading blogs etc... (unlike his sloth-like son) and so is only exposed to the Guardian whereas I tend to read at least 4 of the broadsheet papers everyday to get a broad spectrum and then tend to delve deeper.

    How we recieve our news now is vastly different to our exposure from even 10 years ago and I think older generations still tend to rely more on reading the one version of proper print they have always read, and the nightly news to stay informed. This would explain alot about how labour spin is still working on a large part of a quite well educated part of the country. Many people just never read the horror stories and analysis behind the stories.

    Likesaid neither of my parents had seen the Brown youtube sleeze smilefest, or were aware of the genunine concern over his mental stability and countless other run downs I showed them on his real economic record. These are not soap watching politically disengaged people, but they had been successfully spun by the Labour machine until now. They were shocked by this side of Brown that they had not seen before. Thats why Brown is bricking it about having to actual appear and discuss things in public. As with Patrick Bateman "his mask is slipping"
  15. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    It's not the apathetic people that you have to look out for. They won't vote in any case because they "don't see the point in it". It's the people that genuinely think he, and Labour, are doing a good job (as mentioned above) that you have to look out for.