Broon giving away money we havent got!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plant-Pilot, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. Spending cutbacks on all sorts, fiscal rules on borrowing about to be thrown out the window, plenty we need to spend on ourselves....... and Broon decides to pledge an extra £30 Million to the Palestinian Authorities.

    BBC Story Here

    Maybe he thinks it will make him look good as a world leader....... and sod the fiscal 'prudence' he's been shoving down our throats.
  2. Surely, as a "Son of the Manse" he should know that charity begins at home! or is this just old money being reannounced for the umpteenth time as usual.
  3. I don't know if it is that old story of this Govt moving funds around and re-announcing funds already announced, but surely it should not be a case of not what you do, but what you are seen to be doing. With things heading the way they are at home, I would have thought being seen to be giving away money is not going to look too good to the public.
  4. I'm sure this news will go down well with Gulan Noon and other muslim Labour donors; and it's only £30m, so won't rock the boat too much with Labour's Jewish supporters. Broon, who I think gave up caring about this country some years ago, will no doubt see it as a win-win.
  5. other news, sky found to be blue.

    Has anyone in Westminster ever heard the phrase "charity begins at home?"
  6. Can't somebody arrest the muppet for Criminal Negligence or some such?
    Nobody can be as inept as Brown by accident can they?
  7. Wouldn't that money be better spent on Headley Court or a home for the homeless? £30 million could make a big positive impact on some lives in the UK.

    Sometimes it seems as if he/they are deliberately trying to annoy the UK public.
  8. He knows that he won't have to worry about repaying it after 2010, so in the meantime he'll spend some more of someone else's money on his mates.

    Look on the bright side, maybe his plane will crash on the way home from giving our cash to the Palestinians...
  9. Broon never likes to go anywhere without leaving a tip. 30 million is a drop n the ocean compared to the Billion quid he gave to India last time he was there. Should keep Palestine's Hamas government in detonators for a while though.

    Charity may begin at home but wealth redistribution, which is the bedrock of Broon's political philosophy, most certainly does not. As well as hosing his hosts down with money every time he makes a foreign trip, he's seen to it that the UK is now the biggest contributor to the world bank. After giving away Maggie's rebate, we're now also the second biggest net contributor to the EU that is doing so much sterling work with various East European mafia groups.

    The bottom line is that he now accepts that Labour can't win the next election and that he'll be lucky to last till the end of the year as PM. Broon and his cronies are engaged in what has been referred to as a 'scorched earth' policy. Cause as much economic damage as possible that an incoming Tory government will have to deal with. I wouldn't be surprised to see him give what's left of our gold reserves to Bob Geldoff before he goes.

    Dont you just love politicians?

  10. Urrrrmmmm? No. That was a very easy one to answer..... wish they were all that easy.
  11. It just doesnt make sense, on the same day as his "chancellor" announces to other ministers that there is no more money in the pot for spending on transport, hospitals, schools etc.

    It always seems with Brown that there is plenty of money to give away to other countries, and precious little to run our country. I suppose he is just spending it as he knows that Liarbour wont be in existence to repay it.

    Does anybody really believe that Darling is and has been the chancellor since Broon moved next door?
  12. Not me. Our PMs behaviour defies belief. WTF is he doing taking so much tax off me and just throwing it away? :x
    I could be spending that money on my children FFS!
  13. It is a bit of a liberty as nobody actually voted for him to be in charge anyway. He's going to leave a monumental mess for whoever has to clean up after him...... and it will be a very very expensive mess.
  14. Just to bring to every ones attentions that its an EXTRA 30M , on top of the 500M the HMG has promised the Palestinians over the coming years. Bringing this years money given to them to about 110M.

    Source the BBC.

    Hope that fuels the fire a bit.
  15. Yes and it is going to hurt. Add to that too many people will blame the person that tries to fix it rather than the people who broke it.