Broon and The Queen

I heard a weasel on the radio this morning (probably Andrew Marr) saying that he thought Broon would not get on with Her Majesty as well as Bliar. This was due, he felt, to Bliar's gift of small talk and personality.

I think he is enormously wide of the mark. I believe Her Majesty saw through Bliar the first time she set eyes on him, and will not miss him one iota. Also, she has a fondness for Scotland and will probably take well to Broon's dour but honest Presbyterian manner. I also think that, as a Scot from a traditional background, he will view the monarchy with more reverence than Bliar ever did.

Incidentally, I now understand why Broon is permanently morose. Channel 4 ran an interview with the chairman of Broon's home team, Raith Rovers. He said that, in his experience, Broon was happy when the team won and glum when they lost. Raith Rovers are to football what the Italians are to modern warfare. :wink: They lose far more often than winning. Hence Broon's perpetual misery.
The Poo HM has to put up with has been examplified by the absolute shoite I have just had to listen to on on the BBC World Service on Blurs departure.
I can now only look forward to his eventual trail and conviction.
Sgt Major Wheel in the Guilty barsteward.

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