Brooks / Stephenson resignation *merged*

The sinking ship is deserting the rats. If the Ginger Minger has anything left in reserve, this is the time she'll unleash it.

The Samson Option - bring down the Temple and take your enemies with you!

Who's got the Peanut M&M's? I'll just nip out for the beer and hotdogs...:biggrin:
She'll get a huge payoff I would guess. Murdoch's just been hanging on to her until the right time to sacrifice her when it would make the most difference. Her position has been untenable from the start.

The irony of this being that I don't see how this makes News Cop/NI look any better than it did first thing this morning.
Why she hasn't been nicked yet is beyond me it won't damage her some other muppet will take her on, failing that I bet Cuddles has space in his Gingers only basement.
Good riddance.....and now haul the wench over the coals and put her through every legal ringer available. Unfortunately, I fear that she will merely lie low for a while, and then reappear in some other part of the media. The types look after their own.


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It'll be interesting to see what she has to say to the CMS Select Cttee next Tuesday.

I wonder if she'll try to hang Keith and Co out to dry, or if she'll take one for the team (in hopes of getting reinstated when all this has died down).

Still, she should have gone days ago.
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