Brooklands Museum & Mercedes-Benz World.

Once lockdown allows I‘m looking at visiting a number of museums. I became aware of the Brooklands Museum yesterday and whilst looking it up noticed Mercedes-Benz World near it.

The plan is to spend a day at the Brooklands Museum, overnight in the Brooklands Hotel then a day at Mercedes-Benz World with driving experiences thrown in for good measure.

Thoughts and opinions would be welcome (possibly).

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Only visited Brooklands a few times, if you can visit when they have a few competition cars running on the restored banking it will make your day, the aircraft are also worth seeing,plenty for the kids as well
The Home of British aviation and motor racing
Sir Hugh Dowding learnt to fly there, although a few brown jobs took a pot shot at his kite when passing a nearby range, but I think he forgave them !!
I parked the old heap outside Malcolms workshop to see if it would make it go any faster ( it didnt)
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Brooklands is a great place, lots on display and a good variety from bicycles to aviation...and lots of car/motorcycle stuff too.
Mercedes foyer is impressive for the range of early SL’s, the track is fun, didn’t do the off road bit.
£295 for an hours GT driving experience. That would be a nice treat for the wife.
Done Brooklands a couple of times. The only thing you won’t get on is Concorde but then again, you can wander around outside the airframe while the kids go on it or go and have a cup of tea.

There are a variety of other aircraft displays as well both under cover and outside. All good stuff and well worth exploring.

A lot of aircraft engineering work was carried out at Brooklands. They have a huge chamber where they could replicate high altitude and a lot of the old machinery is on display. The whole thing is pretty accessible and very interesting.

Many of the cars on display in the museum are incredible to see close up. An enormous amount of motoring history. Parts of the motoring parts of the museum retain offices and small workshops with the original tools of the period and are laid out as if they are still in use.

There is also a bus museum well worth a wander around.

The clubhouse itself is kept in many ways as it was in it’s heyday and some famous names including notable women of the age were regular visitors. Barbara Cartland comes to mind. The women even had their own little sitting room where they could sit and chat about whatever.

It’s a quite place and although there is lots to see, take your time and wander around and chill while you’re doing so. Try and pick a day when the weather is better rather than worse because you will spend time moving between the different buildings.

Finally parts of the original racetrack with the huge camber are still very much in evidence and you can explore parts of that and imagine how they used to charge around it at high speed in the racing cars of the day.

I can’t comment on the Mercedes place because I’ve never bothered with it but as they are so close together, it must be worth a visit if that’s an interest to you.

Have a great time.......
Awesome museum with some fantastic exhibits, especially the test equipment that Mr Barnes Wallis used to pressure test aircraft post war. The Bus museum is also worth viewing! Cant say anything about the Mercedes experience as it was still in construction last time I was there.
Sounds like Brooklands is a good day out. I look forward to the trip report and photos from both locations.
Always had a bit of a thing about Mercs since I had one restored in BAOR. (Only a basic 200)


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I've been a couple of times for a wander as it's only down the road from me - some great bits and pieces to have a look at. the Concorde was open for guided tours the first time I went around 2010 - can't remember if it was or not last time in 2019. a lot of the larger civil aircraft on display are on the grass, so it might be idea to think about the weather when you go (there's loads to see indoors however).
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I took my daily drive 190E to Brooklands in 2016 and again in 2018. I'd recommend the main Brooklands museum to anyone without hesitation for a full days entertainment. Mercedes-Benz World was also pretty good.


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Back in 2009, I had the honour of leading a parade of 50 Fiat 500s round the Mercedes test track for the 50th anniversary of the car. It was part of the AutoItalia car show that happens there every year.

Apparently it was the first time they’ve ever let non Mercedes cars on the track.

The museum is fantastic. Great day out.

Keep your eyes peeled for the HAC SE5 from WW1.


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