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Bronco Bog Roll Poll- Crime against humanity? Bronco Medal?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cernunnos, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. I think bronco was a jolly super starfish cleaner!

  2. I think bronco was a fiendish war crime!

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  3. I think there should be a bronco medal for survivors!

  4. ???? I only have three NAAFI breaks under my belt!

  5. I wouldn't polish my Sam Browne with anything else!

  1. Is anyone else out there who still remembers the War Office issue Bronco bog roll?
    Lets face it you couldn't forget the stuff!
    20 years on and my arse still resembles a Japanese flag!

    We need to get together and set up a Bronco survivors league. We could then hound the perpetrators of this heinous crime, beyond the grave if need be!
  2. 20 years on? The war was over 60 years ago, showing your age a bit there my friend. I am of the 3 bits of tracing paper in the 24 rat box era!

    Wonder what will stick in our minds in 40 years time? :D
  3. One of the many joys of the submarine service was SLP instead of 'Government Property'.
  4. methilman wrote "Wonder what will stick in our minds in 40 years time? "

    Worms ............. if Missus MTB don't burn me :-(