"Brompton Bks" Are Civvies Taking Over?

have read a few thing in the r.e. journal, papers, soldier mag, etc........... regarding all the cse's becoming civilian taught.

just after a bit of info really from anyone that is down there to see if this is the case or just paper talk.

am coming to end of my time & if i cannot remain at my present posting would like to try & finish up teaching (sparkies) if at all possible.

thanx to one & all in advance.

There are still squaddies teaching at Chatham and there are still guys being posted in as instructors at full screw, stripey level. I think PFI is due to kick in about June 07 so you still have enough time to get in.
cheers chap much appreciated, after june 07 will there will a considerable drop in military personnel on the instructor side?
Cant speak for you Artisan chaps, but if the tankie stream is a guideline then thats a resounding YES matey :cry:
Rumer has it the PFI Date keeps moving..... Although 2007/8 has been mentioned before.
The target date at the mo is June 07. There will be a huge drop in military staff. Clerk of Works/PQE side they are going from about 10 WO2's, 3 SMI's and about 10 PQEs down to 3 WO2's and a couple of PQEs. The A1's will start taking parades in the morning will just a few guys in 36 for added clout and admin. Plant wise there is going to be a huge hit, with us losing about 30 full screw slots, and about 5 sgts. Don't know what will happen on the A2 course as they do an exercise at the end. I don't know many civvies willing to go on exercise! I don't know whats happening with P,R and A. Promotion to full screw and about is hard enough in the Plant stream even with these 30 slots so after PFI kicks in it is going to be bloody hard. I'm not sure what the overall affect on discipline is going to be especially if the courses are mixed with civvies and squaddies. If the civvies are turning up whenever they feel like and look like a bunch of tramps it might have a knock on effect on the student discipline, especially the A2's. I don't want to shoot the whole PFI thing down in flames, it can work well but I'm not sure if it will work in Chatham.
To be honest the "civvies" have already taken over in the majority of the Artisan trades. All have a civilian Head of Department, with a WO2 Workshop Foreman and few green. In some Depts it works well, in others it's not so good with a very confused chain of command when, as often happens, a civilian instructor has allowed his students to amble around looking like a bag of s**t, and it's the WO2 that gets it in the neck. Due to the "rank equivalency" that the Instructional Officers (IO1s) enjoy (Captain) often the WO2 has to ask the HOD to speak to the civilian - bonkers!

The majority of the design trades still have a military SMI, but these are being chopped under the PFI project (which will happen), and training will be taken over by the Partner's staff. This move effectively means that these trades are capped at SSgt career wise. Most of the Artisan trades will retain maybe one SNCO within the Wksp, possibly with a Cpl, to ensure "military ethos".

The majority of IO1 staff are extremely professional individuals, particularly those ex-soldiers who have settled in the area. IMHO the majority of problems with soldiers occur when their instructor has never served, and who allow their students to adopt the same standards of conduct, bearing and dress they have experienced on a civvy building site. This will be the major challenge for the School when the Partner, desperate to recruit instructors so that soldiers can be released back to the Field Army, employs anyone who says they can lay a brick, butcher some wood, set out a road etc but perhaps doesn't understand that ambling around with your coveralls rolled down to your waist, with a brew and fag in one hand whilst you talk to your mate on your mobile is exactly what the Corps is after.

That said perhaps I'm wrong and that's how soldiers dress in units nowadays in which case it really is time for me to exit stage left!
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