Brompton barracks sports afternoon - Lodge hill motox track

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by happysapper558, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone who knows where the motox track in Lodge hill/Chattenden is explain to me please?

    I went that direction tonight and was unable to find it despite getting directions from 2 locals lol

    I'm supposed to be working down there next week. No 1 seems to be able to tell me where it is.

    Did anyone here ever go quad biking on a wednesday afternoon over the last few years?

  2. Turn right after the 3rd post.
  3. Turn right now!

  4. Google maps shows you where it is, print off aerial phot for route, sorted
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  5. I dont know what the place looks like now, but after having a look at thingy I should think that if you get to the junction of Lochat Rd and Lodge Hill Lane there is a gatehouse guarding the entrance to Lodge Hill training ground. It most likely lies inside that place - ask at the gate.
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  6. Thanks for the helpful replies

    and for those not so helpful? funny
  7. Are you after the stunt course or a green lane type thing. If it's the former you have to be part of the team and it's inside the training area which is guarded. If it's the later then I'm sure most of the open lodge hill area is open to green lane biking. I'll be happy to be corrected. Don't ask the guard on the gate as they are hopelessly useless.

  8. I'm sure it's the green lane thing i'm after thanks
  9. sports afternoon at Brompton Bks that should read .... Two Sawyers, Viscount, Cannon, etc etc etc.
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  10. FFS is there no Geo Techs oot there to help Navigate the poor boy ?

    Recce efternoons are obviously no the same...
  11. I was there with the RCT if that helps? :)