Broken Ship heading towards 2nd North Sea Gas Platform now

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Synergy, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Just that essentially. Various versions of gas platform crew evacuated/being evacuated and that efforts are underway to restart the engines.
  2. Ship heads towards North Sea collision
    9.37, Thu Jan 11 2007

    A 4,500-tonne ship is adrift in the North Sea and heading for a collision with a gas platform.

    The vessel, called Vindo, broke down in very poor weather nine miles from the Murdoch gas platform 75 miles off the Lincolnshire coast, near Theddlethorpe St Helen.

    The Coastguard said the ship, with nine crew on board and laden with 4,200 tonnes of fertiliser, was drifting towards the rig in a force ten gale.

    The Humber Coastguard's watch manager Tony Tewton said: "The vessel is still broken down and we're looking into getting a tug out to it to pull it off course with the platform."

    The RAF has evacuated 20 of the rig's crew, leaving only essential staff and there were plans to winch off the Vindo's crew as well.

    Rescuers said it was a "race against time" to save lives.

    Michael Mulford, of RAF Kinloss, said it was possible the crew could fix the ship's engine in time but were planning to winch them off two at a time.

    He said: "You don't want to leave them on if they're heading for a gas platform.

    "She is in the middle of a considerable crisis by anybody's standards. This is the original white knuckle ride."

    The 20 people evacuated from the platform are regarded as non-essential personnel.

    The spokesman said: "They are being taken to a nearby rig and out of any potential danger.

    "The helicopter is now returning to the Murdoch platform for a further ten personnel who will be airlifted to the ENSCO 70 platform, leaving ten essential personnel on board the Murdoch rig."

    It would not be the first time Vindo, a general cargo vessel, had been involved in a collision.

    In September last year, the 90 metre-long ship crashed into another large cargo vessel, Dealer, after failing to respond to radio messages.

    Nobody was injured in the incident, which took place 17 miles off the coast of North Foreland, Kent.
  3. Is this ship jinxed? carrying fertiliser, heading for a gas rig........

    God speed to all of you on the rig and ship.

  4. Damn, but i hope thers cameras rolling on this thing...... on goes the news channel in anticipation...
  5. just out of interest, would it not be present minded to sink the ship before it collides with the platform if it is deemed inevitable?
  6. just out of interest, would it not be present minded to sink the ship before it collides with the platform if it is deemed inevitable?
  7. Sorry, but they managed to start the engines temporaily and change course so the ship was no longer heading towards the gas platform, but the engines failed again and according to Humber coast guard:

    "..... the Vindo was on course to collide with a second platform."

    This ship seems intent on crashing into something tonight.....

  8. I know that feeling. Used to come on me about 2230 on a saturday night!
  9. Is the second platform the one where the non-essential crew were moved to?