Broken Oakley Sunglasses

Anyone got any experience of getting u/s oakleys replaced by oakley for free? Had mine in my trouser map pocket on herrick but eventually broke after taking a few hard knocks. Seeing as they were from the 'SI' range I wonder if Oakley would be keen to replace something that essentially failed on ops?!

"Dear Sir,

I purchased a pair of your sunglasses in order to better assist me in our combined nations' effort to rid the world of international terrorism but unfortunately they have broken.

I have sought advice on (a website which is viewed by a large proportion of both British and US servicemen, many of whom have expressed an interest in purchasing your products, based on existing users' recommendations in respect of quality and after-sales service) with regard to your policy for free repair or replacement, but have not received a definitive response.

I therefore have returned the broken item in the hope that you will replace them free of charge as an expression of your patriotism."

Should do the trick! ;)
Failing that, Roy Orbison's estate, or Ray Charles' estate (perhaps even Stevie Wonder) may have a few going spare.

They may be Ray-Bans however, not Oakley.... :D
Ha! Tried something not too dissimilar when I got a speeding ticket recently! Got a massive F.O! Definately worth a try though.
I went to my local stockist who gave me a small flat pack box Oakley addressed and they came back repaired at no cost. Infact 7 years down the line they could do with another trip back.
If you're contacting them, could you ask if they do S10 inserts, please?

Or clip-ons.
putteesinmyhands said:
If you're contacting them, could you ask if they do S10 inserts, please?

Or clip-ons.
I had prescription inserts in my S10. Not exactly "ally", kind of kermit the n*gger TBH.

I looked scary as, or so I've been told.

Still, the photo on the mantlepiece keeps the kids away fi the fire.

Clip on's will scratch your lenses. You do mean "clip on's" not strap on's? :D
putteesinmyhands said:
Sparky2339 said:
I had prescription inserts in my S10.
Tinted or photochromic?
What is this? Has the Oakley thread been hijacked by Foster Grant fans???

Nice one :D :clap:

Quality Street sweetie wrappers actually :D

edited to add; photo-chromatic surely?? :D
Sparky2339 said:
photo-chromatic surely?? :D

And my name aint..... etc.

In all seriousness, though. The S10 inserts should be polarised.

Though that's got nothing to do with this thread.
putteesinmyhands said:
Sparky2339 said:
p.s. yer showing yer age...
What? Does this mean that the new ones have reached the shelves? 8O
When did that happen? Never seen them in C&A, nor JohnRichard shops for that matter...
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