Broken N900 screen

It seems I have broken my brand new Nokia N900 LCD screen. The touch screen is still responding, and it works with the TV out, but the LCD is all fcuked! It had only been in my pocket, and had not taken a bang to my knowlegde. It also has no marks. As it is only a month or so old, where would I stand with Voda who gave me the phone, or Nokia, who made the thing warranty wise?
Sounds to me like a fault so it should be replaced. Just get on to the shop who sold it to you. Be polite when you complain & I'd be surprised if they don't exchange it for a new one.
What he said. Sounds like a "manufacturing fault" so you don't need insurance. As long as you haven't broken it by misuse, your rights under the "Sale of goods act" come into force - th retailer is responsible.
You really are the unluckiest man in Britain, aren't you?
Thats a new one to me, never heard an insurance company try that before.

If it is a faulty phone then you shouldn't have to go through insurance anyway, it should be covered by VF warranty. The only thing VF's own insurance covers you for in addition to that is they will provide with a substitue handset (probably a really basic thing) while yours is being repaired.

Speak to VF on their forums about it, they are far better than phoning customer services.
They reckon I must have squashed it as it has screen bleed. They said they will send it off to Nokia where they will make a decision. But he then said they have never replaced for screen bleed.

If you pay for your insurance monthly and make a claim you will be required to pay the remainder of the annual premium before we can process your claim.
This removes my right to leave the policy should I find a better deal elsewhere for the remainder of the year. How the fcuk can that be legal?
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