Broken Leg and Dislocated Ankle playing rugby for unit

Hi, I recently broke my leg and dislocated my ankle playing rugby for my unit during a tournament. I was signed in and therefore insured.

I am a full time student in civvi street with part time freelance work inbetween.

Does anyone know what I may be entitled to if anything, and/or any steps I should be taking.

many thanks
Dear OCdt J_K

Surely you would be better off making enquiries with your unit, rather than resorting to a rumour service!

in short you will be payed every day your off "sick" after 6 weeks at your army pay plus SSP if you entitled to claim for it,

but its a big balls ache, so get on to your AO and start doing the paper work
Contact PSAO first. If they do not come back with phrases like "TA disability allowance" and " sorting it out" then start the ball rolling yourself. Phone the SPVA and explain the situation to them and take it from there.
Go to the SPVA website - Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. If you meet certain criteria, injured playing sport whilst on duty etc then you could be entitled for a payout under this scheme. As I said full details on their website but they, the Veterans Agency, also have a helpline and this will enable you to get a quick answer with regard to your status.
Also you need to fill in, or ensure someone else who was there has filled in, an Accident Report Form, your unit will hold this, and you also need to file a report for your injury via the RFU again if your unit hasn't already done it. See the RFU website - this won't get you compensation but it allows the RFU to monitor injuries etc. Broke my arm in 2006 playing so think I am clued up, no doubt someone on here will rip me to pieces if I am wrong.....
Be warned. Mate of mine crocked his knee last summer to the point that he couldn't work and had to be operated on to repair the damage.

EVERYTHING that he found out how his pay and the process to claim He HAD to find out for himself as his unit just didn't seem to bother. They failed to pay him 3 times in quick succesion because "They forgot" .
Its always good to name sporting teams on P1Os if possible, of course last minute team changes bugger this up anyway, something to do with if the injury was caused due to 'malicious intent'.

I have someone on the case to give me the correct form that you need to fill out.

edited to add: its a MoDF510 apparently
I broke my tib & fib, ankle, knee, yahda yahda yhada in Oct while training in green and had to take matters into my own hands to get any pay. I needed the doctor’s sick note, letter from the orthopaedic consultant who treated me in hospital, and the form510 completed by the supervising PTI to get the pay. After 3 months of my AO & PSAO faffing about I got the number of the guy at Kentigern House in Glasgow who deals with this stuff, had a conversation, sorted it out in no time, and was paid the next month. I'll drop you a PM with the details.
I put a claim in to the SPVA too, and have had an acknowledgement back but no other news yet, that’s 4 months ago now. The application is one of those epic forms that govt do so well, a great way to spend an afternoon, not. A few folk with experience have told me it’s a long process, & can take well over a year.
Hope you heal faster than me - not being able to do any phys is driving me mental, but I should be able to start physio in a couple of weeks the consultant tells me, although the right bicep is doing well on account of 6 months of internet porn, thanks for asking. :D
Thanks for everyone's replies, I have already started the ball rolling at unit level before the original post, for those who suggested that.... I know how the game goes..... using arrse is simply an easy way for me to gather ideas and be in the know if push turns to shove, so I thank all for their additions.
If you are looking at putting in a claim for AFCS (which you should do), IMHO you would be best served applying via the Royal British Legion. I work in the War Pensions & Compensation Department & we can issue claim forms for both AFCS & War Pensions, and we will check them before submission to the SPVA (it's a bit like when the Post Office check your passport application... but the RBL won't charge you for the privilege).
If you wish to make an AFCS or War Pension claim through the Royal British Legion War Pensions & Compensation Dept please give us a ring on 0203 207 2168 or 2169 (Office Hours: Monday - Friday 0900-1700).
Hope this helps.

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