Broken Laptop. Toshiba. Might need motherboard Suggestions?

I have (or rather my GF has) a broken laptop.
Toshiba L300D-10Q
(Model PSLC0E-00C00DEN)

It just cut out one day and won't come back to life. It's two years old, out of warranty. I've checked that there is power to the motherboard but beyond that it's a bit beyond my level of ability.

Replacement motherboards are on eBay for about £100 and up. This is for a second hand tested one.

Before I get one:

1) Is there anything else worth checking?
2) Is there any reason not to swap the motherboard in the hope that it will all work?
3) Is it likely to be worth it in view of the cost of a new Laptop? (Don't know the spec, it's got 1GB of Ram....)

By way of comparison, my Dell 1300 though tired is still going after 4 1/2 years although I have had to take it apart and solder things etc. a few times. :)
Ah, just discovered that the DVD drive had already packed up before the whole thing died. That makes it BER in my book!
You'd probably be better off taking the RAM out and shoving it on ebay as a spares/repair and see what you get for it, and putting that towards a newer model, you can get some decent spec ones now for £300 on there anyway.
Best option.
I'll either get a disk drive caddy to remove the data off it or destroy it with Small Arms Fire. :)

Reckon it's worth flogging the rest of the laptop on eBay as suggested, somebody might want a screen or keyboard.
As it can cost nothing to put something on Ebay, and people will buy anything from Ebay, its always worth a shot. A few sheckles in your pocket are better than scrapping it.
And sometimes the OS on the machine will refuse to recognise the new mother board and that is a real PITA.
Agree with other posters - flog it for spares and then keep an eye on the Dell Outlet.

Refurbished Dell machines (some are returns that haven't even been powered up) at pretty keen prices for decent specs. Prices fluctuate and occassionally they drop the ball.

I picked up a good i7 laptop for less than £500.


Agree. Lob it on eBay or Gumtree. Make sure you get the description absolutely right, or you WILL end up with some whimpering mong wanting their money back. Keyboards for those can be worth decent coin, for example, as they can sometimes be hard to get in UK spec (I repaired one for a mate a while ago, and we could only get a US keyboard for it). Similarly, the screens are top notch, and are sought after also. The charger/power supply if an original item (not a Chinese replacement) is worth a score all day long.
Yep, its pretty much BER. I've trashed much more expensive Laptops that were BER. That's motherboards for you.

However, I still occasionally use an ancient Dell D600 that is now on its second HDD. The new drive only cost £40, but instead of repair the shop offered me £105 for scrap! Tempting, but whilst my Dell is old and slow, it is very reliable.


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if its still a live issue then all its doing so far is not completing its POST check which could be as simple as a hardware error such as the broken dvd. ideally you remove everything hard drive dvd and ram then see if it will boot to the start screen and go into the bios. if it does then add nits one at a time to see which causes the fail then replace it. commonest for a black up is ram and dvd.

a two year old machine is still a good machine and should run everything needed. just up the ram and drives. even a p4 with 1gb and a dl dvdrw is a good machine, will run windows 7 or ubuntu fine. if anything windows 7 is the best version of windows for older machines as it doesnt hog or hang like vista and boots quicker than xp.

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