Broken Images - Uploads on 3/4 Jun 11

We're aware of a problem with images uploaded over the last couple of days now not showing properly, even if they seemed fine when they uploaded. We're not 100% sure what has caused this problem and even if we can fix it. We currently have a script running that is rebuilding the site image index but unfortunately this is likely to take all night so we won't know until tomorrow morning (probably!)

Exactly what I wanted to be doing on a Sat night I can tell you!
It would now appear that any images uploaded after 2330hrs on 2 Jun aren't likely to work and we appear to have lost them completely. Its unlikely that we'll be able to get them back so unfortunately it looks like they'll need to be uploaded again.

This should now be fixed although unfortunately Bad CO was right in saying that the attachments missing from 2nd - 6th of June are lost for good.

Can anyone who has problems with an attachment going missing *** from the time of this post ** please post as soon as you notice with a link to the offending post. Thanks
Has anyone else "Lost" their ability to post images? I have no icon to post images when I Reply to a thread.
I have been trying to upload some images today - it tell me "An error occurred while attempting to create a folder for your files. If the problem persists, please notify the webmaster. "

My problem is persisting :-(
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