Broken Heart and shattered eyes

Dear Lads and Ladies

I have a brief query that i hope someone can help me with.

Obviously to join the British Army you need to have medicals, no one wants a recruit dropping dead or injuring themselves, but HOW strict are they?

I mean the media will have me believe that the Army are screaming out for recruits, i have heard in the States they have dramatically changed the Military medical and are now excepting almost anyone to fill numbers. Has the medical been relaxed over here?

The reason i ask is that i want to join the Army so much, i have all the determination in the world to do it but i hate the fact that something which is out of my hands could stop me getting in.

I have nothing seriously wrong with me just a few niggles here an there which for some reason keep me worrying.

For example when i was 13/14 i was in a little spot of bother at school, a group of my mates and another group of lads had a little scrap on the playground, it got out of hand and one of them launched a coin at me at full whallop. Of all the places it could of hit it went and got me straight in the eye. My eye filled up with blood, it looked horrific but i was home from hospital the same night and told to lay in bed, head facing up. Anyway that healed sometime later, vision 100% ok, there is no sign of it barring a little scar on my eyeball where it hit. i have been told by every doctor that it is fine and should not effect a career in the Army.

Another thing is Heart troubles. Both my parents have high cholestral, which low and behold probably means i got it aswell. i have measured my heart rate a few times and it is pretty fast, above normal anyway. But as i have now changed my diet and have started excercising i am expecting it to drop down.

So anyway sorry for this stupidley long rant but my questions are How hard do they look at the eyes at the medical? i know about the eye chart but that is no problem as vision is good. is that it for eyes do they look at anything else?

And what about heart, i have no heart murmures which i gather is pretty frequent among recruits. but will they call you up on having a fast heart rate?

For all those who read all that thank you

For all those who answer thank you more
The eye and the heart trouble are not a problem - it is the arsenal fixation that will prevent you getting in, of all of the London Clubs only Chelsea and West Ham fans are permitted to Join up in the period 2007-2020. Sorry mate.
I can't comment on medical standards or policy but, rather than worry too much about it, you ought to get yourself to a recruiting office and find out. You certainly wont get an accurate assessment of your health on here and, in any case, you never know, the medical might be the least of your worries. I think they do the medical fairly early on in the recruiting process, so get yourself into town and find out.
Cheers for all the replys.

Concerning enquiring about it at the recruitment office, that is pretty difficult for me as i live in SHAPE Belgium and i dont have a local recruitment office near me. It is annoying due to the fact that if i want a simple question like this answered i have to spend a fortune going over the water and back again just for a 10 minute chat. I have asked some Forces personel out here but there arn't many young soldiers about who have been through it recently.

I have also asked my Medical Centre but they dont deal with Applicants so they wernt that helpfull.

But im just going to give it a go and apply, i have got a job out here so im gonna be saving some cash to fund my trips over there.



War Hero
Just give them a call and explain everything it may well be they ca organise it so you can do things on the same day, plus if it is a no to end medical stuff (which I doubt very much) then it's saved yourself the trip over and you've got some more beer tokens.
PM me, I may be able to help with information.