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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by UK_General, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. I broke my hand in August of this year, which ultimatly lead to the deferral of my application. With that i have now got to wait until February of next year to re-apply but I have also got to supply sufficient evidence that i have reached an adequate robust constitution for military training. Could any body please help me out with wat eveidence i need to aquire. Much appreciated :D
  2. most probably a note from your GP
  3. yea i was thinking of that. i've just got a chinning bar fitted, what would be best regime i could do to your knowledge. I know you must of heard this question thousands of times.
  4. don't quite get what ya mean there mate
  5. Use the search function and stop asking fcuking stupid questions you cnut!

    Edited to add: after looking through your previous posts you seem to have a fondness for stupid questions you fcuking troll. Just keep asking them when you get to phase 1, see what happens.
  6. a note from mum
  7. Call me jack. love the advice cheers mate and my mum's dead so kind of hard to get a note of her i'll just stick with my GP
  8. They are very careful about this kind of injury. In most cases they will not review your case till the time stated. Your hand may feel fine but the bones will be brittle for some time. Best just wait.
  9. thanks blue, just a pain waiting for something you want so much
  10. Just give it time. Best of luck.
  11. In 2001 I fractured my left hand which led to my ring finger being rotated out of place. After a surgical procedure to reset the bone, I underwent occupational therapy, which helped somewhat. I was, however, left with problems such as weakness in the hand, circulation problems and arthritic pain.

    I was told by a surgeon of Asian origin that eating fresh green or red chilli (not chilli powder) would help. Sceptical at first I decided to give it a go. I can say that after a couple of weeks of chilli munching the circulation problems went away, as did the arthritic pain. This led to me being able to exercise the hand without pain. My left hand is now stronger than my right (and I'm right handed). However, if I stop eating chilli the circulation and arthritic problems reappear after a month, or so. This is not an issue for me, though, since I am now properly addicted to chilli.

    So, why not go and make yourself some curries and see what happens?

    Good luck.
  12. UK_Gen

    If you get abuse on here - its only because youve already asked the question.

    Advice is given generously and freely.

    As per your previous thread - go back to sixth form,
    learn to spell
    learn tolerance
    learn respect

    you must have something that the Army wants (God knows) or they would have told you 'thank you but NO!'

    sort your fitness out, go see the man in fracture clinic - get a note and
  13. I got a twelve month deferal. The extra time has allowed me to totally re evaluate my fitness training, shave time off my 1.5 miler (and all my runs), gain extra strength, will allow me to see the whole of the footy season, spend christmas with friends, family and girlfriend, take a holiday, apply and hopefully complete the London Marathon, visit the war graves in Belgium and France and generally just chill out and focus myself.

    It's not exactly been a blessing in disguise but if you keep focused and remember that a deferal isn't a straight 'No thanks' then you'll be reet.

    Just don't take up drugs in the meantime. This is what my mum said, probably when high on PCP.
  14. Is February really that long to wait?
  15. i suppose it must be - if youre an impatient sixth former