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broken hand, training?


ok, i was/am going to catterick on sunday 11th. but i just out of hosp, and broke my hand. im gonna phone down to see what the crack will be, but will i still be able to go?? its only a slight break, cast for 2-3 weeks...

you'll need to go the med centre ASAP when you get there

more than likely be put on the sick for 21 days, which means light duties only

or they may send you home and backsquad you to another platoon that starts a few weeks later?

what reg you joining


scottish reg, 4th battalion. i been trying to contact the sgt major, as the acio is closed, but theres no answer. should i keep trying, or just show up like this?

there probably wont be anyone in coy HQ as its the weekend

still turn up but just highlight the problem to the training staff when you arrive.

they might even stick you in williams coy til it's healed
turn up for sure. might be worth rining the guard room and asj to speak to the duty snco

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