Broken Finger

Ok I broke my little finger about four years ago. Being thick I didnt get it sorted properly and now it is permanantly bent. It is now at a 90 degree angle and I cant straighten it at all. I have what seems to be a hard lump under it (Probably a calcium deposit)

It is now begining to bother me, The question is Can I get it straightened or do I live with it? I know its been a while but it is bugging me now.
Am going to see the MD but thought I would ask on here before Monday.
First things first (and this is crucial to your effective recovery), you MUST post a photo on here. Immediately please.
Is yours permanently bent the way it should bend or to the side? Mine's bent out at about 30degs, but to the side :) The only drama I have is a chunk of bone is missing so it won't straighten again.
It it bent the right way, Imagine your hand flat on the table well my small finger wont flatten out
Docs said they want to fuse mine bent normally to stop it knacking - I'd rather have the fecker chopped off than be stuck with a tea drinking pinky.

See your quack they might be able break and re-set it.
I will see your broken finger and raise with two badly broken (and worse healed) little toes. If I had any sense, and a hankering to be Homer Simpson's stunt double, I would get them hacked off. They are neither use nor ornament at the moment.

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