Broken covenant

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wheelchairwarrier, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. BBC covering this on the 6am news, I hope it stays high up during the rest of the day

    Edited to add will be the ten past eight interview slot on Today at , er 08:10. Radio 4
  2. Jacko will also be on TV's This Morning, later this morning; apparently talking about this very issue (amongst other things).
  3. Watched the BBC and they said something along the lines of "An MOD spokesman said implementing the military covenant will take time and money".

    That looks to me like an admission that they have not been fulfilling it and have indeed betrayed their sacred duty to the troops.
  4. Ainsworth. What a star!

  5. Listened to the head of the RBL on BFBS Radio 2 this morning. She says that the RBL want to highlight 3 key areas. Compensation, Medical care for veterans and the care of bereaved families.

    The RBL want the public to contact their MP and this is not so much a dig at the government as more of cross party issue.

    Its gonna cost though and the point was made that the purseholder for the last 10 years is now in charge...Nothings gonna happen.
  6. I thought the RBL spokeswoman was a little too keen to stress that they work with MoD and the campaign is aimed at the public, not the government.
  7. Odd, listening to the radio this morning a 'government spokesman' said something to the effect that the miltary covenant hasn't been broken...
  8. The interview withthe minister adn Gen Jackson was interesting. Gen Jackson essentially said that the treasury was oftenthe issue adn got bogged down inthe weeds of the system rather than looking at a just outcome for the individual. He beleived that the system should be robust enough to properly support bereaved families/ injured servicemen and that it should be on the 'front foot' i.e. the claim should be offered not fought for.

    The minister more or less accepted the current scheme was not fit for purpose, but would not commit to retrospective changes.
  9. How about diverting some staff and financial resources from the Chav Support Network a.k.a. benefits office (or whatever the Hell it's called) then?!
  10. the bottom line is that the 'wars' are so far away that the majority of Joe Public couldn't give a flying stuff -

    yougov / BBC / Mori polls are not an accurate measure of public, if a researcher asked 99.999% of people "do you think HMF should get better compensation, treatment, housing etc etc" they would invaribaly says yes, but those same 99.999% people are unlikely to ever turn their actions in to words, ie. march on London.

    And, even if they did then march on London (ie, the not in my name war protest) it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference as its not a vote winner.

    However, if the Governement pledged £XXbn for the police, new schools and hospitals, that would get JPs' attention, and in turn his votes.

    Sadly, the perception of a large part of our 'society' is that Tommy's role is to do and die.
  11. Listened to the Five live topic on the covenant this morning and Jackerson General type no doubt still has a wee bit of loyalty to the MoD. According to him there was just a wee bit of dissent by the troops and veterans.Some ministers also spoke up but as usual, they are on a different planet to the rest of us.It certainly has taken the RBL a long time to realise that the covenant was broken by subsequent governments since the war ended.Coincidence that Iraq and Afghanistan are causing big problems that have been there a long time and that no one really cared about the armed forces one bit.A lot of civilians will say well your choice to be in the forces, well you get on with it or get out.The welfare of veterans are run on the same principals of the Dept of Work and Pensions which is just one big joke in that the amount of money you get falls a good bit short of what the law says you need to live on.The armed forces need to be made a special case and bigger increases in pensions and allowances are needed now to bring us up to the level of the Minimum wage. The NHS is being run by quangos and they are out to make money at the expense of those people who are vulnerable in society.But we all have one tool in our hands folks and that is the VOTE, let the ex-service community tell the politicians that they are not doing a good job at taking care of the troops, sailors and airmen of the country in their time of need. :x
  12. Just who should we vote for to make those changes? Why do you think that our votes are worth anything? What do a few votes mater from people in none-marginal seats?

    Sorry for sounding so harsh but I think that our political system is pretty much not representative.
  13. Goon Bde, you are to a great extent, right, and why should they? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself that?

    The public's (and therefore the Tax payers', who are reluctantly paying for all this folly) general perception of the actions 'our' troops are involved in at the moment, ie Iraq and Afghanistan, is that they HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH 'US' or 'OUR' Country! Sadly, and it pains me to say, I agree.

    NOTHING that happens in those places has anything to do with 'us'! (Except, of course, that the lives of 'our' troops and billions of 'our' pounds are being unnecessarily wasted.)

    The 'wars' in Asia Minor are political matters which have nothing to do with the security or defence of our nation state - indeed, if anything, they appear, through their continued foolish prosecution, to only serve to make the lives of those 'at home' more dangerous than they would be otherwise.

    It is dreadful that the lives of our young men and women are placed in such mortal danger for no reason what-so-ever, save that of preserving the vanity of a bunch of self-seeking immoral lying politicians, (or, at least, two in particular: Bliar and Bush).

    I care because I used to be a soldier. I care about 'our' soldiers, BUT I whole-heartedly disagree with the Labour Party's involvement in these other countries. 'We' feel that what is going on 'over there' is being done on behalf of Labour Politicians, NOT the country as a whole!

    You should be asking yourself, firstly 'Why am I doing this?' and then, 'Should I be doing this?'

    I doubt you'll have an answer you can live with to the former, except a rather weedy, 'it's my duty to follow orders', and I'd be interested to hear how you answer the latter.
  14. Exactly. Who has stated that they will make these changes?
  15. Thats an excellent point.How the system works in this country now is that if your constituency is a safe Labour or Tory seat you may as well not bother voting!!
    Elections are now decided in key marginals in the South East Commuter belt and a few in the West Midlands and the main concern is money,and quality of life.
    Not care for our Wounded Soldiers and increasing defence spending.The depressing fact is that people just don't care anymore!!