Broken Clavicle (collar bone)

I broke my collar bone in a motorbike accident 2 weeks ago, and although now i can move my arm with minimal pain i've been stuck doing absolutely nothing.

Is there any way to maintain muscle tone in the right arm whilst in recovery - or am i forced into having flappy chicken wings for a month or so until weights are an option again?

Thanks for any help.
When going for a run/walk strap weights to the wrists - you may feel silly but it'll be enough to stop going too flabby!
If you mong it, a collarbone can be a major PITA - it's one of the most difficult bones to immobilise and 'rejoin' in the body, because it is essentially impossible to 'fix' and hold still during the healing process (not technically correct language, but trust me, it's a sensible summary). In the worst cases, people have to have them completely removed because they heal incorrectly.

Accordingly, my advice would be - don't worry about a flabby arm for six weeks or so, just thank the Lord that it appears to be healing properly, and don't risk it in any way. Swimming is a definite no-no. Let the thing heal, and then restart phys. They are 'minor' injuries that can affect the rest of your life if you are unlucky.

Read here, and rest it!

Don't mess Clavicles

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