Broken Britains Booze Shame Scandal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Draft Dodger, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - David Cameron vows to tackle binge drinking 'scandal'

    So, minimum pricing? drunk tanks? advertising bans? curfews? is this all a load of bollocks or do you think we have to do something now to change our society's relationship with alcohol?

    personally i pay my taxes and think that if i want to drink myself to death so be it.

    p.s. i was suprised by just how disappointed i felt when i realised she wasnt sitting in her own piss.

  2. Day 1, Page 1, Rule 1 :-
    You can't use the law to nag!

    Edit to add, yes I got a touch on thinking she was sat in her own piss too!
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  3. Just apply the laws we already have, drunk and disorderly still works as far as I know. Zero tolerance on drinking on the streets is what we need, I always get pissed in the back garden with some mates round the barbie that way I don't offend the neighbours.
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  4. It wouldn't be a problem if they all got pissed and went home, unfortunately they bounce off pavement and end up taking up beds in A&E all night or causing havoc in the hospital where genuinely sick people are trying to get treatment, or they walk along the road kicking wing mirrors off a row of cars 'cos it's funny, causing lots of people to shell out £100+ to buy a new one.

    Drunk tanks won't work because we are too much of a litigation scared Country - it will be a drunk tank with individual beds, staff by fully trained doctors and nurses, with security guards, free food, drink and clothing, counsellors to talk about alcohol addiction and free taxis home in the morning

    You are a tax payer, and you can drink yourself to death, but your taxes are also paying for the aftermath of the mongs described above, many of whom probably don't pay tax.

    I think it is too late to try and think of an answer
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  5. in scotland they talked about changing the law so that you had to be 21 before you could buy booze from a shop or off licence as well as looking to target cheap cider etc which just pisses me off because they're effectiviely just tarring everyone between 18-21 as anti social drinkers and i get the feeling that they were sat in holyrood swilling cab sauv whilst imagining that they were 19 they never had more than a sherry at christmas
  6. if i'm in favour of anything its higher tax on booze but if the tax pays for locking up drunks and sticking people in hospitals until their livers pack in then they dont need to be taxed more. i just think stuff like this is too complex by just making the gov. an extra 10p on a pint.
  7. That nice Mr Volstead had the right idea.

    The bit I don't get is when and how it became a mitigating circumstance to say you were not to blame for whatever it was you did because you were drunk.

    Personally I think any crime commited when drunk should attract a greater punishment as "In vino veritas" shows up your real persona.
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  8. I get really psised off with the constant solution to all these problems is to raise the price or tax. No need to raise taxes or anything else - just vigorously apply the law as it stands. Zero tolerance and really hefty fines, plus costs to the NHS - that'd make them think twice about doing it again.
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  9. I have a problem with this phrase "Binge Drinking" it's a totally made up bollocks meeja invention. It used to be called "Drinking" Friday and Saturday nights have always been for getting pissed up.
    Just getting a photo of a pissed up bird on a pavement doesn't mean we're in some Dante's Inferno, nor is it a new thing, Google Fatty Arbuckles court case.
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  10. Rather than increasing taxes for every law abiding person that wants a sensible tipple, why not just bill the drunken idiots for their treatment in hospital etc.
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  11. It's not the industry, that is already well-regulated and policed. It is illegal for anyone to serve a customer who is displaying the signs and symptoms of being drunk. In Hull the police regularly send teams round to pubs to sit undercover and observe. Bar staff can be hit with an immediate £80 fine. That being said, because so many people have booze parties at home before going out it's a little harsh to say to a landlord that's seen no custom all night that he can't serve people who eventually do go into his pub because they're a bit tipsy.

    The problem is one of societal attitude. Everyone believes that they have the 'right' to enjoy themselves and have a good time regardless of how that may effect others. We are in an age of total self-indulgence with no responsibility to others. How we feel is far more important than how our behaviour impacts on others. It isn't the licensed trade that needs tighter regulation, it's the general public. If people are drunk and disorderly then they should be arrested, locked up over night and then be before the Bench the next morning. Fines and/or community service can be liberally dispensed as can banning orders preventing them obtain alcohol anywhere. At present they just get a fixed penalty notice so, yes, it makes it an expensive night but no-one has to stand up and explain themselves and face the consequences of their actions the next day. If people were made to be more responsible for their own actions then they may just think twice about getting out of their minds, if they don't then the Authorities will be aware of the real problem cases and sterner action can be taken.
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  12. As previous posters have said it's simple apply the existing law.

    I'd add one caveat - change the sentencing guidelines so that any offense committed whilst drunk/stoned etc use the fact that the person was off their heads as an agrivating factor, not a mitigating factor.

    That way when your done for fighting whilst D&D you get a heftier sentence, not a lessor one.

    The message will soon get through.
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  13. What he said.
  14. Most of these kids drink those naff feckin' alcopop shite type drinks at BOGOF prices. Start of with banning those.

    For the idiots that have been arrested or carted of to A&E give them a dose of community service which entails cleaning the streets of piss and vomit left by their fellow piss heads.
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