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broken bone before staring basic please help?

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went for a run like normal routine. and foot slipped and went to hospital and got told ive broken it. i start basic next month,and dont think i will be 100% and also my fitness will go down too. just wondering what's likely going to happen? will i get kicked out ?


Well, I guess you won't be worried about not being able to swim now.

Seriously, contact your CIO.
Broken Bones normally defered for three months
MSI64 said:
Broken Bones normally defered for three months

Jsp 346 says
Previous fracture (without internal fixation). One year must normally have elapsed since the fracture although candidates with simple (non-fixated) metacarpal and digital fractures and fracture of the clavicular shaft (not involving the A-C or S-C joints) may be considered fit if functionally normal with no deformity after 6 months (prior confirmation with the single-Service Occupational Physicians responsible for the selection of recruits is recommended).


Use the medical forum in the stickies - that's what it's there for! :roll:
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