Broken arm

I came off my mountain bike four weeks ago and broke my right arm. The break was in the larger of the two bone at the wrist end and goes through the joint.
I had the cast off on friday. Now i've never had a cast on before and i guess i expected the joint to be stiff for a few days and then be back to normal but its not! The wrist is noticably swolen when compared to the other one and there is a large bruise on the underside. Its also quite uncomfortable to touch the whole area (clothing or by hand) including the back of my hand. Movement is very restricted and very very painful!

Is that how you would expect it to be or is there something wrong?
It sounds like you had a fairly compound fracture. Did you had the attention of a physio after you had the cast off? if you havnt then you should have.

Basically if its painful & looks wrong, it probably still has not healed fully. I would go back & get it looked at. If these things are left you may end up with some chronic problems later on.

good luck!


this does seem strange. I broke my shoulder blade coming off my bike last year and I wasn't 'signed off' by my local hospital orthopaedic departmen for about six months, what with follow up appointments and physio. If it's still swollen and painful to touch, it does sound like the break may not have healed yet, but I'm surprised you don't seem to be getting follow up care. I would either go back to the hospital or, at least, go and see your GP.
I've broken both my right wrist and right fore arm (bigger bone too but in the middle) and Im pretty sure it was six weeks till the cast came off for my wrist bones which were properly broken and 3 weeks for the green stick fracture in my arm (bone was broken but not cleanly in two). 4 weeks sounds unusual.

However as I have no medical qualification whatsoever, please take all this advice with 1 large pinch of salt.
mmmmm, 4 weeks does sound a little too soon, especially if the joint was involved. it is expected for the joint to be stiff, but i would have expected there to be no swelling there at this late stage. with the hypersensitivity on the whole of the wrist and hand as well, together with a lot of pain, did they put any metalwork in your arm to fix the fracture or was it just manipulated under aneasthetic. did they re-xray it when the cast came off could be re-fractured,

sounds a bit dodgy to me. get yourself back down to your med centre, or better still, your local a+e department, tell them you fell on your wrist after tripping, that there is more pain and swelling to the area. a bit cheeky i know, but you'll probably get another x-ray so they can get a look at what is happening inside.

good look
Thanks for all the info and suggestions.
They didn't need to set the break as it had gone back into the right place on its own. No metalwork either. They didn't xray it before or after the cast came off which supprised me.
Its now three days since it came off and its loosened up a little but i can still only just about straighten it and not bend it backward if you see what i mean. I guess i have about two inches of movement in the wrist.
I'll give it another day or so and then pop back. Touble is "popping back"will involve a five hour wait in A&E!

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