Broken arm


I broken my arm left fore arm 3 weeks ago and got plates put in, i was told at the time that a would lose some movement im wondering if anybodys been there and was still able to join?

Thanks for any info.
Best bet is to liase with both the surgeons and your recruiters. I know a lad who whilst serving did a fair bit of damage to himself and now has various pins and plates in both his elbow and shoulder. It does give him some trouble, but he's still able to do his job and nobody's had anything to say about the matter since.
You need to get yourself to physio and as soon as you can start getting it moving, I had my wrist plated and screwed after a cycling error, I was back on the bike in 8 weeks. I suggest you get one of these Powerball and a soft kids foam ball that you can squeeze constantly, this will help with the dexterity and also help retain some grip strength.

but only ever do what you are comfortable doing and within the limit set by your doc. once the bone has been plated really it isn't broken anymore and it will settle down pretty quickly.

Forgot to add, I joined after breaking my right leg twice, went on to do 12 years.
The difference is, worm, your mate was serving.

A freind of mine had a 'bar' inserted in tor their femur. Even when removed it prevented joining... this was in the early '90s though.

Ask the ACIO, it wont make you pregnant.
Thanks for the advice, I've been in touch with the careers office and told to wait for the arm to heal then see what the physio says, I'm anxious to find out if it's screwed my chances of joining because of lose of movement.
If its a midshaft fracture the only movement you're likely to lose is rotational (stand with your arm out horizontally and move your hand as if you're twisting a big knob on the wall in front of you).
I am afraid you have asked us the famous "how long is a piece of string" question.

Your chances of joining (and passing basic) depend on the actual outcome, not predicted outcome, of your injury.

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