Broken Ankle

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Bolton_Sig, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi i was just after some help, i broke my ankle in 2 places on the range the other day and i was just woondering if im entitled to anything from the army compensation wise ?Any help/info will be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance
  2. :D :D :D You should take more care,have a break have a kit-kat :lol:
  3. Why don't you call one of those ambulance chasing lawyers instead of asking here you lowlife
  4. Sounds like your after compo, rather than getting better, then fit. With that attitude you'll be going nowhere fast.

  5. try via unit admin office. You should be entitled under afcs for any injuries on duty (AFCS is not just for battle trauma). If no joy with unit, try via AWS
  6. Yes you are entitled to compensation under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. Go to the (yes I know you are still serving) and look for AFCS in the search bar, the forms are all on there.

    Don't claim until you know if there will be greater complications as this will affect the level of compensation.
  7. There is NO gain without PAIN
    If that hurt's you then fuk off to the MOD,that'll be worth a bob or two on thier past record's.
  8. Don't go to those places again.
  9. I would advise you to wait & see if your ankle heals properly before you think of pursuing the compensation route or at least seek the advice of the medical staff treating you. You should also ask some simple questions of yourself before you raise the compensation question as they may stop you embarrasing yourself:

    Have you been medically downgraded as a result of your accident?

    Did you require an operation to repair the damage or are you just in a cast & expecting some physio?

    Was the fault actually attributable to anyone else or was it due to you?

    If you don't have a claim or decide not to pursue it now, it should be logged on your medical records as an industrial accident so that if, later in life you suffer debilitating pain you will be able to claim. Don't forget to get a copy of the entry for your own records, strangely enough the army has a poor track record when it comes to producing them later in life!
  10. All in Here mate.
  11. how on earth did u manage that?

    standing up or getting into the prone?
  12. Light duties. :lol:
  13. Don't forget Tubigrip and Brufen
  14. Deep heat or a touch of algipan would help.
  15. Cheers for all the answers, Escotia ye i had to have an operation and get pins and a plate fitted, i dont know abtout downgrading because im still in hospital. And bipoloar i managed to do it on a IBSR Range