Brogues with barrack dress

Depends what rank and regiment you are. A cavalry Lt Col of my acquaintance used to wear them with C95 trousers and a white shirt. Not sure I'd recommend that if you are a 2Lt in the RLC
Then why don't you ask someone you work with you ******* pillock, or look at what the other people in your regiment, at around your rank, wear.

Or alternatively just wear what you want and say some stranger on the Internet said it was ok.
Or alternatively just wear what you want and tell the offending member of a "corps" that it is a Regimental thing and if it is any of his business, then it is "Dress 14a, Summer - Stables Undress" and to bog off and worry about things that concern them, then chase 'em out of the room with your crop and set your gun dog on them :)

The cheek.
Are these allowed?
No, you wear the pattern of shoe dictated by your regiment. For most this will be the issued brown shoes you will leave Sandhurst with, as you (like I) are in the cavalry this will probably be something slightly different, but certainly not your best pair of brown brogues that you have worn since school. With (I think) one exception, regiments also require you to bull your shoes. Most cavalry regiments will also permit you to wear a pair of brush polished brown Cav/Jodhpur boots in lieu of brown shoes when in barrack dress and not on parade.

Speak to your Adjt who is responsible for subalterns' dress and turnout. You will find yourself with extras if you get it wrong or flout the rules.
Black brogues - The Padre, Green Jackets, Jocks and the Irish are, who I can think of, cut about in them. This has been 'done' before, either that, or I've just had a major burst of deja vu.
Have you got that webcam on me again? I'm wearing eaxtly the same right now, although because I like blue & maroon & they go with my cufflinks rather than for H Div reasons.
You are clearly a man of impeccable taste CP..... just like me.
If only you shared my dashing good looks too, the world would be your bearded clam. :)
I neglected to mention OP - that you CAN wear Hush Puppies if you are a R Sigs officer ( and I know td is supposed to be R SIGNALS you pedantic scallys, but I don't care).

One of this websites all time quality threads - read on and see the bleeps become very emotional.

As I remarked at the time

Ah - the Royal Signals, the Primark Corps - cheap shoes with holes at a commissioning parade.

Adjt: "Mr New Boy ..... may I introduce you to the CO of 1,001 Sig Regt"

New Officer: "But Adjt, he's wearing the same shoes as my Grandfather in the nursing home, how can I have any respect for him?"

Adjt: " Go easy on your Grandfather Mr New Boy, the state pension doesn't stretch very far these days"
You are clearly a man of impeccable taste CP..... just like me.
If only you shared my dashing good looks too, the world would be your bearded clam. :)
If I were any more ruggedly handsome I wouldn't have the strngth to fight the ladies off. I have enough bother as it is & if I succumbed MrsPlume wouldn't damage me physically, but she'd up sticks with MasterPlume & I would probably jump under a train.

I love the joke of the Samrt Turnout range & feel positively Wodehousian in my Old School/Regimental/Corps socks. I have asked my Club if they will get some, but I think the Secretary thought I was joking as he hasn't answered my letter. Particularly fond at the moment of these to brighten up drab Office attire, they're by chance in my Sevens team's colours:

Anyway, back OT when I joined the Skins the choices with barrack dress were black Oxfords or George boots with Barrack Dress (or Working Dress as we called it IIRC) and we were encouraged to wear maroon socks. I worked with an RDG chap just before I left & it appeared that in addition to the Oxfords & George Boots Jodphur Boots in black & brown were also worn as well as a whole load of others. NO wonder Young Officers are broke!

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