Brogues with barrack dress

Discussion in 'Officers' started by richy4, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Are these allowed?
  2. Depends what rank and regiment you are. A cavalry Lt Col of my acquaintance used to wear them with C95 trousers and a white shirt. Not sure I'd recommend that if you are a 2Lt in the RLC
  3. It's a Cav thing.
  4. well I am cav.....
  5. Then why don't you ask someone you work with you ******* pillock, or look at what the other people in your regiment, at around your rank, wear.

    Or alternatively just wear what you want and say some stranger on the Internet said it was ok.
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  6. In that case, yes.
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  7. Pretty sure the Scots and R Irish wear brogues with barrack dress?
  8. Or alternatively just wear what you want and tell the offending member of a "corps" that it is a Regimental thing and if it is any of his business, then it is "Dress 14a, Summer - Stables Undress" and to bog off and worry about things that concern them, then chase 'em out of the room with your crop and set your gun dog on them :)

    The cheek.
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  9. Well if you have to ask you are not at the requisite rank to wear them yet ^~
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  10. "I am Cav"-Scots or Irish?
  11. In Rifle Regiments; yes.

  12. No, you wear the pattern of shoe dictated by your regiment. For most this will be the issued brown shoes you will leave Sandhurst with, as you (like I) are in the cavalry this will probably be something slightly different, but certainly not your best pair of brown brogues that you have worn since school. With (I think) one exception, regiments also require you to bull your shoes. Most cavalry regiments will also permit you to wear a pair of brush polished brown Cav/Jodhpur boots in lieu of brown shoes when in barrack dress and not on parade.

    Speak to your Adjt who is responsible for subalterns' dress and turnout. You will find yourself with extras if you get it wrong or flout the rules.
  13. Of course.
    And don't forget the socks.

  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Surly strappy boots the cav thing.

    RMP officers also wear black brogues in barrack dress as do Ghurkas.