Brochure showcases idyllic properties for sale

Brochure showcases idyllic properties for sale - in Iraq

IRISH PROPERTY investors have developed an international reputation for being daring and decisive -but are they ready for holiday homes in Iraq? FRANCES O'ROURKE reports

The brochure for Tarin Hills, a resort to be built near Erbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, comes with the usual idyllic images: swans gliding on a lake in front of red-roofed houses, snow-capped mountains rising in the distance . . . and not a soldier in sight.


DigitalGeek said:


Luxury Bungalow
BASRA £2.56

One Bedroom

Hi-Tech Entertainments Room

Fully En Suite

Interior decor by Linda Barker
Luxury - obviously you've never seen Garelochead :D
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