Broccoli = increased sperm

Just had a conversation in the pub with someone who claims US male pornstars eat large quantities of this disgusting vegetable because it results in significant increases in quantity/viscosity of man fat. Can any ARRSERs who are either pornstars or dieticians offer a professional opinion? Or perhaps those whose have experience as a 'receiver' can offer an opinion?


P.S. He also claims it increases range/velocity, but that really must be him talking mince – mustn’t it?
Don't know the answer to that one mate, but Mrs Baldrick say's I'm on a broccoli diet until she finds out! :lol:
I alway thought broccoli was a pile of w@nk. Must be something in it though as when we were trying for kids a few years back it used to appear on my plate regulary. The doris probally got the idea from one of those stupid wimmins mags she reads.

The stuff they actually eat is celery and not not broccoli.

Ask Peter North, the famous porn star, who is famous for his large amounts of cum he is able to ejaculate.

Who are these "porn guys?" If you know your porn, then you’ve heard of Peter North and he’s not a "porn guy," he’s a porn god. His secret is "celery, lots of raw celery."

1. Peter North

1) A legendary porn actor whose massive quantities of ejaculate matter set him apart from most other male adult film stars.

2) (Verb) To ejaculate an unusually large amount of semen.Peter North has starred in many adult films during his career.

(Verb) I built up so much semen during intercourse that when I ejaculated, I Peter Northed my poor girlfriend.
by UrbanWebster Feb 15, 2004

The thing is that eating lots of celery helps you to cum more because it is 90% water. So therefore, drinking water should have the same effect.

Yours truly, jrvdr :lol:
if you want the other half to swallow don't eat celery or broccoli... pineapples are much better for "enhancing" the flavour, not the devils veg celery 8O
Broccoli is very good for you, but I cant see any reason why it would turn you into a champion artexer, Zinc is the thing, which is why oysters are rated as an aphrodisiac.
Protein and water is also essential. I heard that pornstars eat loads off egg whites to achieve that "champagne moment" but the real answer to increase your volume, is abstinence, if you're making the wee man cry half a dozen times a day (you know who you are! :wink: ), he's gonna dry up.

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