Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Operator, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. Well, it was an interesting 10days of Potato throwing and early morning IED explosions. So anyone on here manage to make it along? A good contingent from London (although mainly Athlone) with one or two complete nuggets, and a few Oxford. Only meself from CUOTC.
  2. Yeah, the Athloners that went are, from who I see, the keen ones. :D Well, they've now got 24 hours before Second Fling, and then next weekend we're out on the ranges.
    Let's see them catch up on all that work. :twisted:
  3. What were the OUOTC lot like? Any of them put out?
  4. OUTOC seemed to be a good bunch, we had a total of 5 girls working on the CIMIC side of the Ex. They seemed nice enough, although i can't comment on their willingness to put out. All seemed to have boyfriends.

    Macks.. you see the Athloners regularly?
  5. Yep. Why, did one of them catch your eye Operator? :wink:
  6. Well.... you didn't send any females which was a bit dissapointing.. so "No"

    OUOTC won hands down for females, although there wasn't much competition.
  7. ?? Calling Danny Boy??

  8. Now you've really confused me... care to clarify??
  9. You've never seen 'Where Eagles Dare?'
  10. Ah yes.. of course... sorry, head not bolted on properly this morning. Time to go to the mechanic for a tune-up
  11. opo macks is athlone....
  12. Now you've gone and lost me Orifice, From what i could tell he was helping to teach the new ones. Something bad about being "Athlone"?
  13. he's a confusing little bugger...
  14. Aren't I just? :D
    No worries Opo, I am an Athloner.
  15. :D :D :D Nice!