Broadband upgrade

i have just been upgraded from 2mb to 10mb Cable broadband.

I cant really see much difference although speedchecker tells me im zooming along, Ive got a G rated wireless router , will up grading to N or N1 make a diffrence, the same with my wireless card would upgrading it make a diffrence?

Cheers (in adavance)
Nah not really all. remember it's all good and well getting the upgrade (virgin I take it?) but you are only as fast as the sites your connecting to plus all the other traffic on the net
If you are into games then look at your video card... If you want to see a general increace in performance then look at your memory...

Wireless? better (and more secure) with wires.
You will only really notice the difference when downloading things or streaming videos. websites, unless they are massive will take only fractionally less.
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