Broadband Tax

Not sure if this has been posted before. New law before the next election.

A controversial broadband tax should be law before the next election, according to Minister for Digital Britain Stephen Timms.

The 50 pence a month tax will apply to everyone with a fixed line telephone.

Speaking at a debate in London, Mr Timms said the tax will be presented to parliament as part of the Finance Bill.
Yes it has been done before, the link is 2 months old.
Bugger. Cheers Stacker!
I hope that on account of the shockingly slow connection I have courtesy of Bastard Telecom that I will receive a Broadband rebate.

So you get taxed at source (PAYE), set up a BT/Virgin line, pay line rental which includes tax (VAT), then choose your B/Band supplier pay them including tax (VAT).

And now a 50p TAX on being able to access the internet. Still it will help pay back that 850 Billion Gordon's p1ssed up the wall wont it?
Rincewind said:
emmigration looks better and better every year!

last one out turn off the light
Well don't come to Finland. They are introducing a new Media tax, covers every household, cheaper than the present tv licence, but that is just for now, as per all taxes it will rise on a yearly basis.
You even get whacked for it if you are still living in the stoneage with no modern gizmos.

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