Broadband Supplier - Which one?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by drain_sniffer, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Right, have just got my own home and will be moving the family soon. I currently have Virgin Media (used to be NTL) for the TV, Phone and 8meg Broadband and all works well. Trouble is, its not available in the area I am moving too. I was considering BT home hub, but have heard varying reports. So suggestions please on decent broadband suppliers who offer a reasonable rate please
  2. I've got the BT hub on 8 meg and to be fair it's spot on, I live pretty near the exchange so that may be a factor but the hub was pretty much the easiest router I've ever set up plus it's got built in encryption, I've also got the Broadband Talk phones for the free evening and weekend calls and I'm paying £23 a month, not sure how that compares with other providers though.
  3. Whatever you do, dont go with Bulldog.

    I used to work for them, and the ineptitude and apathy towards customers was staggering. The agents you speak to on the phone are honestly doing the best they can, but hands are tied by directors and higher management who put in place stupid procedures that will never work, misinform staff and customers, and dont give a rats toss as long as the money is coming in....
  4. If the previous phone line user didn't have broadband you may not have to many problems but most of tha main companies seem OK, I am with Tiscali, poor at getting things set up but cancelled the bills until they sorted it out and fine now. I know people with BT and no real problems with them either.

    Don't expect things to be instant it can take some time before you are connected. Be prpared to use dial up for a few weeks. In general I seems you can't order broadband until you actually 'own' the line which does not help with a seemless connection.

  5. i currently have Orange Broadband. Not sure on the speed but they say its as fast as the line will allow, its certainly fast enough for me and to date i have had no problems. (4 months now)

    Best of all its free! You have to be an Orange customer on a tarriff of £30 or more however. But i'd also say Orange are one of the leaders mobile phone wise anyway. Id say its worth looking at it if you are. It is miles better than my previous ISP (AOL)
  6. I currently use BT and they've been good. Only had one problem in all the time I've used them (about 3 years).

    Bethere is looking good to me though and I'm tempted to switch. Up to 14 Mbps using ADSL2+.

    Anyone using them?

  7. Still with AOL at home, and generally happy as there is no down time, but recently someone has been using dial up in the US and logging in to delete emails. I think I know who it is, but AOL cant/wont even confirm what area in the US this is happening from......
  8. I'm currently with Tiscali. 8Meg for £17.99 a month. I've been with them for over 9 months now and have had NO problems with them. Prior to that, I was with Virgin who were okay but expensive and before that I was with BT who were absolutely shocking and had an Indian call centre.

    Does anyone know what Sky are like? I'm tempted by that £26 a month deal that includes digital, talktime and broadband.
  9. For a little more you can get free UK 01/02 calls from tisccali which is also good value, and is a better packeage than the equivalent BT one.

    Tiscali though do have an Indian call center and it is crap, but when you are lucky you get the UK one which ia about the level Blueyonder were a few years ago, not very effectve but do try to help.

    I wanted the Sky package but it is currently only avaiable in some areas, the same applies to most of the good start up schemes.
  10. Eclipse

    Month contract £14.99 8meg
  11. BT home hub no probs.
  12. I am currently with Virgin on their unlimited package paying an extortionate £24.99 a month. I have been withn them for years and just not bothered changing. I have just got Sky HD and so am tied into a sky contrcat for a year, So recently I have been looking at the Sky Broadband/Phone offer as well. Has anyone any experience of this? Any good?