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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by happybonzo, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. I'm not to savvy about Broadband speeds but these are the figures that I'm getting from Orange who are my ISP

    Download = 0.5Mb
    Upload = 0.4Mb

    It seems pitifully slow; almost like when I had a dial-up modem

    Has anyone any ideas?
  2. That's a terrible speed!
  3. I had problems with Sky and their claimed 'up to20 mb' speeds. I was getting 1.7mb down and 0.5mb up. After countless calls and complaints which didn't improve anything I decided to break the Sky TOS and buy my own modem/router (Netgear Rangemax) which cost £100. Now I get between 7-9mb up/down which is probably the max I will get.
  4. There are a number of things that need consideration :)

    1) Where are you in relation to your exchange, a long distance will impact on your speed. Further away = lower speeds :(
    2) As AFA has said, changing your router may improve your performance.
    3) Where is your router plugged in? Is it plugged directly into the master socket of the house? Plugging it into an extension will also reduce your speed, plus the length of the extension will also have an impact. I gained about 1MB download speed by pluggin mine directly into my master socket rather than an extension (which was approx 3-4 meters long), however I am also very close to the exchange and get good speeds anyway, one of the lucky ones I suppose.

    Hopefully a greater amount of information and clarification will come into being regarding all this 'up to' and 'unlimited' rubbish being spouted by ISPs in the future, have a look here.
  5. How did you set up your new router ?
    As i thought sky locked their own branded routers and if you use your own router you need a hidden user name and password...
  6. There are two pieces of info somewhere in the depths of your router settings that would assist.
    These are the signal to noise ratio and the attenuation.
    This site might help you find them otherwise try your ISPs help forums - ::. Kitz - Get your adsl line stats .::
    If you can find them please post them in this thread.
  7. There's a problem now with new builds and BT installs

    The master is essentially outside in the wall box and there s just the 2,3&5 wiring into the house.

    So your always on an extension ! (My new gaff is just like this)
  8. I didn't think Sky did this anymore? Don't know for sure as I am not with them though.

    Ahh OK, haven't seen that setup, but then again I am in an older house.
  9. Yes they do and if you call them to ask the username/password for your router they will blatently lie to you and offer the 'sky/admin' user name and password and tell you that only their routers will work on their lines. The helpful bloke I spoke to became very rude when I informed him that other routers did work on their lines. To obtain the real ones you can use a little bit of software some nerd invented. It works as I did it.

    As I said earlier, mine works far better than before, 10-20 times faster and has not dropped once in the past 2 months. Does anyone know why it is against Sky's TOS to use a non-Sky router?

    The link to find the software to obtain your router details is: How to obtain your username and password from the sky router