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Being in the fortunate position of having two residences, I've recently been thinking about getting a broadband connection in the second one. I have BT broadband at my main pad in London, but a dial-up connection at my place in the Welsh borders. BT don't have a broadband plan which would suit the very limited use I currently would make of the borders set up, which is not normally more than five or six days per month. Does anyone know of a broadband plan/service which would fit in with this? Many thanks.
A static caravan in Porthcawl doesn't qualify as a second home besides which I don't think the Welsh have heard about the internet yet nevermind broadband is it :D

But in answer to your question....... No idea
cpunk go to either :-



ISP Review

You should find what you need there - I do know that some ISPs are doing Broadband PAYG now.
It depends really on your data transfer needs.
Are you going to be doing marathon* porn downloads, or is just the regular email & ARRSE?

There are quite a few providers who will give you a 2MB connection for around £15/month - it'll be limited to 1 or 2 GB of data transfer though.
I always recommend Plusnet ( as their service & support is second to none.



*snickers porn doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Edit - I was going to edit to add but I see I don't need to, so I won't.
Freedom2Surf now offer upto 8Mbps for £17.99 per month on annual contract (they also have the option of monthly contracts, but you pay a connection fee). Either options come with 2GB download allowance per month.

However, the speed you can get will depend on where exactly you live and how close to the exchange you are?

Or offer PAYG broadband starting from £0 per month, but I can not vouch for how good (or not) they are.
I'm with BFG 9000 on this one - PlusNet are excellent.
Also recommend PlusNet - used them when setting up our HQ office broadband. I have Pipex at home and have found them very good, too.


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cpunk - Just a thought, but have you checked Broadband availability at your Welsh Borders location. I have a friend lives there (big area I know) and he can't get Broadband as he lives too far from the exchange.

IIRC you have to live within 3 miles of your local telephone exchange, something to do with dB loss over distance.
Afterburner said:
Anyone know much about broadband availability in Germany. Is it as widely available as in UK?
Broadband is just as available, if not more than UK. Its a great deal of fun getting all the kit and working out the german for "click next" etc when installing the software. You shouldnt have any problems with broadband in das fatherland


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