Broadband - Sausage side

I am about to drop comms, and up sticks to sunny Sennelager. Can anyone recomend a good Broadband provider, or is the best bet to stick with craut telcom ?

If you can also give any info on speeds and price it would also be appreciated.


I used kraut telecom, similar pricing to the rest, the bloke in the local office spoke english, all comes on one bill.

Standard speed was 768 download and 256 upload, that was due to change when i left in Jan. Price was around 25 euro a month. When i signed up, they didnt give the modems away free so there is a charge for that, it cost me 40 euro. To be honest, the only problem i had was the installation disk (V5) wouldnt work on a brit xp computer due to default language being English. V4 disk worked fine, but i just set it up manually. I dont think there was a download limit on it either, i used to download loads of DVD's and never got booted.


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