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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Trotsky, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. Dear All

    I have decided to get into this Broadband malarky.

    I am not having sky (cos of previous bad experiences) and am not in a cable area.

    Does anyone have a provider they love/hate?


  2. when i was UK I always found BT did me just fine!
  3. I joined NTL in June 2004. Took me about fourteen hours on the telephone to get started, and bags of trouble for a long time after, due to variable signal coming into the junction box ouside.

    But things have improved greatly over the past months, and all is now well, which pleases me as I like what they provide on broadband, and have my telephone and TV on cable from them too.

    Now they have got their act together, and I believe they are going to offer an even better service, then I recommend NTL.
  4. I live in a non-cable area so I have to make do with BT or AOL. BT are ok, no issues. AOL were good but a nightmare if anything goes wrong and you have to speak to them.
  5. BT never really gave me issues
    Bulldog weren't bad, but are now NTL anyway.
    Tiscali annoy me in peak - constantly drop any "real time" connection.
    AOL are pants
    Pipex Dial used to be recommended - no idea what they're like now
    You're lucky you can't get NTL - nightmare
  6. I have just had TalkTalk connected, took about 7 minutes to set up, i am geting about 2meg speed, but they say upto 8 meg speed depending on your area, there is also a 40Gig upload/download limit, on the talk talk international package the braodband is free, and so are the phone calls.

  7. H3

    H3 LE

  8. AOL - Total crap did not work well when I had Norton Antivirus.

    Bulldog - No problem's, work's well with mcafee security services.
  9. Tiscali are pretty good.

    Zen are Which? magazine's top provider.
  10. Used to use PIPEX and they were very good. But havn't used them for about a year or so!!
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Trots mate, if you are still in the smoke have a look at :

    I am currently getting 16.5Mb downstream and 1.5Mb up for £24pcm, and the connection has been rock solid. The company had their teething problems last years, with new technology etc, but they are now doing fine. are also quite good.

    avoid if possible:

    UK Online and
    Talktalk (worst of the worst)

    ADSL Guide, now:

    will give you some good pointers.

    If you not using Local Loop Unbundling (LLB) do not accept a contract
    that has longer than a 1 month tie in clause (most of the above are 12 mths or more), and check the download usage limits very closely, once you get used to using Broadband properley you will aleays use more bandwidth than you think.

    Best of luck, any Qs PM me!!
  12. Shifted from AOL Platinum to Orange broadband with the last posting.

    AOL has lots of shiny bells and whistles added on for free. Some are great (free McAffee, 20Mb of free webspace and decent email software) but the rest are just aggravatingly crap bits of software and the browser though looks good is utterly shite.

    Orange do a much more basic, almost austere service, no extras and the email GUI looks like it was designed in 1990! They do give you free minutes through you hook up, if you have a phone with them and I've never had a internet connection problem with them yet.
  13. Tiscali were ok, but changed over to TALKTALK with all the promo about free calls/broadband. Well TALKTALK are the biggest load of sh1te I have ever experienced, constantly dropping connection, slow/fail to load some sites and constant failure to connect to email...AVOID AVOID!!!! :frustrated:

    Now going back to BT for landline and SKY for broadband, free wireless router and only £5 extra on top of my sky package anyway....
  14. I am absolutely dependent on my computer and spend a lot of time on it, which includes 'talking' to people by email .

    I have encountered people in one part of the country who swear by a certain service whilst in another part of the country somebody is swearing at it.

    It seems to come down to finding out what is the best service for where you are, and going for that one.