Broadband providers in Blandford Camp?

Hey everyone
Does anyone out there now which broadband provider is the best in blandford and what sort of speeds am i likely to get when i get to spend a few years at the HMP Blandford.
Cheers in advance BK
spent a couple years there a few years back. i had 512 connection from bt in my house. there is a previous thread about bb in blandford somewhere on here, can't be arrsed to find it tho. only problem is you've either got to be very persistent, or very patient, i argued with bt for months before they gave in and supplied the line. there's something to do with different parts of the camp being connected to different exchanges, as i understand it, the top end, say from the kids school up toward the guardroom is connected into blandford, and the rest goes to that crap little village out the back of the airfield. if ya connected to the latter, unlucky, you probably wont' get connection.

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