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Bit of advice please.

My ISP is Freeserve, I have a BT phone line. I have this Freeserve 'Home Time' Option (Free connection and national calls etc between 1800 and 0800 and weekends) with the BT 'Surf Together' (I thnk it's called that, anyway) package.

Question is what is the best way to get Broadband (price, performance etc) I've checked the Freeserve home page and that says that they can provide the service, as does the BT homepage. So who is best to actually go through to get connected to for some high speed left handed surfing. I find it all a touch confusing. Any pointers and tips would be appreciated.



You'll see on the Freeserve Homepage you can order broadband online from them.
Then they will connect you, and for a charge will send you the plug in thingymagigs (dead easy- even I did it!)..then you are up and away.
That is what I did..having moved on from Freeserve Anytime.
I now realise there is no reason to stay with Freeserve just because you've had them until now.
Best to shop around for the best deal.
Tiscali seem to have a competitive deal going..some people rate's finding the best deal that's the issue....getting Broadband itself is easy.
Do a google search and do some comparing of deals mate.
Good luck! :)
Hi Santa

Broadband is something i know alot about, if you research all the Broadband offers you will see you can pay anything upto £100 a month, but what are you getting??

Well first, most ISP's charge you extra for options you may well have thought were standard. If you like to file share (peer to peer) for example, well that will cost you a few extra quid a month. Maybe you want a good connection bandwidth, so a contention ratio of 20:1 would be better than the standard 50:1 and maybe you would like a static IP address... and so the list goes on.

Well I will make this plain and simple for you, get on ebay and buy a Modem Router, I strongly reccomend the DLink 504 which sells at £68.55 delivered. You may also need a Microfilter which also sell on ebay for £2.50. Avoid anything that plugs into a USB port and then sign up for the best Broadband deal available.

Currently i have heard very good reports about Gio Internet

Only £18.95 a month for 512/256 and they allow peer to peer file sharing and don't block any ports. Also you can purchase a static IP address for a one off payment of £5.

Hope this helps....
Anybody got any idea what TDSL charge for static IP assignment? I've started messing with VPN and an FTP server and want my own IP. Info much appreciated if anybody knows.

MMmmmm, SOXMIS, do you have shares in this company or work for them??

Santa, I have AOL Broadband. Excellent service front-end wise, only problem is that whichever ISP you go with (except cable companies) the majority all have to go via a BT exchange, and this is where problems start. I find my connection slow at peak times, and even though I've complained to BT and AOL, all have stated that the up and down stream speeds they advertise are NOT constantly achievable. You have to ask yourself what will you use broadband for? Just to surf? Stick with dial up. Gonna download loads of MP3, films and graphics? Then you need broadband. Have a click on this link, and you'll find an unbiased review on all the ISPs who provide broadband.

Follow the links on the left of this website to go in-depth with each one.

One of the best things with broadband is the video content. I can logon to webcam users and get almost live video. If you do go broadband, have a look at this website below to see what is achievable. It's a link to a selection of police traffic cameras in New York. With broadband it's like watching live TV.
Hi Gunny

Unfortunately I don't have any shares in the company, I work for the big green machine and looking forward to my retirement in 4 years. Or will I be able to carry on until I'm 55.. Hmmmm
Did you have 'owt to do with the old SOXMIS mission? If so, give us a tale or two !! I used to love watching the old 'built like a brick shiite house' dark matt green cars going over the boarder.


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This company has a home BB service for £25 per month for 512/256 and send free modem and free activation (some son't tell you about that!)

They are a first rate company with a good aftersales front desk and web portal and are very pro-active!

All ISPs will have a clause in about peer-to-peer services being prohibited(if not already, then soon), due to the fact that they cache the pages/info to make popular sites/pages quicker to forward to you. Trouble is, if you break the law (porn...), they are liable to be prosecuted for storing it (inadvertently?!?). Hence they are facing a clampdown which will appear across the board and therefore limit the liability by writing this into the contract you sign.
ive got plus net its 28 quid a month not sure on the technical details but had AOL when deciding to change took a week to get the f er of my comp

IS Ski Geek

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I have a USB plug in DSL modem. The service provider gives 3.3MB/sec DL and 128KB UL. It is based in Belgium but not bad for 28 Euros a month.
The problems with the USB modem is that if you want to upgrade ie use a router and Hub or wireless then it cannot be used. The only way it can be used is through Internet connection sharing provided by MS in the operating system. This variation kills a bit of you dedicated bandwidth.
Dont know if this is a major problem for most people but I went to upgrade the house for my XBOX LIve, Laptop and home pc to wireless but now need to buy a new modem as well.

Hope this helps
Here in BFG life can be AOK, except where it comes to playing around with your PC if you've NFI. At 43 and 190, topping 100 KG I' find I've better things to worry about than trying to PM with all and sundry...but then if I met someone with a fast box and a broad band I might change my mind. Next time go to FAQs as you've completely lost me. TTFN A. Luddite
How about posting that again when you're not eiher;

(a). Pissed


(b). Wearing boxing gloves as you type.

It would appear that it's both (a) and (b), though.

TTFN indeed, my limited friend.
blondebint said:
soxmis2222 said:
Avoid anything that plugs into a USB port
Sox ...would you explain why please? (in simple terminology)

Here are 3 reasons not to buy a USB Broadband Modem:

1. Potentially Slower connection speeds

2. Prevents Home Networking (Most but not all)

3. Only compatible with Windows

Here are 3 advantages of buying a Modem Router:

1. Ability to Network other computers (Some with built in Firewall protection)

2. Easy to setup (Just log onto a website)

3. Compatible with all Operating Systems (Linux etc)

Hope this helps...

For the record I use as my Broadband provider, not the cheapest but the service is second to none and the customer support is fantastic.
It can be confusing deciding which type of broadband, I however don't have that problem because I am posted to a so called modern European country that doesnt do broadband out of the city center. So its dial up for me (not at the moment thought because my phone line is dead).
Hurray for Europe and bring on the Euro. :(
It can be confusing deciding which type of broadband, I however don't have that problem because I am posted to a so called modern European country that doesnt do broadband out of the city center. So its dial up for me (not at the moment thought because my phone line is dead).
Hurray for Europe and bring on the Euro. :(

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